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We have moved to sweetsmores.com!  We are still in the process of moving our files, but the majority is on that site now.  We are really excited to have began the process of expanding our blog and we hope that you’ll join us on our journey!  Along with big changes on our blog, we’re also going through big changes in life.  As you know, Mallory is moving to Japan and Mark is on his way there soon.  You’ll be able to follow our journey as we navigate our ways through this exciting time.  We appreciate all your support and we hope to see you there!

Sweet Smores

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Once Upon a Rainy & Hot Summer

I just discovered the Travel Tuesday link up headed by A Compass Rose and Found Love, Now What? and I was excited!  I really wanted to take part of this link up because, as you may know, I love to travel.  I’ve traveled a ton since I was young and have so many stories and pictures that I probably will never be able to show.  Sad face.  Because of this link up, it has inspired me to post more of my past travels!  The purpose of this link up is to basically talk about travel.  Past, present, future, dream vacations, you name it.

The first trip that popped into my mind when I saw this link up was my Korea trip.  This was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had so far in my life and I love sharing it.  It’s impossible for me to go through my whole trip since soooo much happened and I have like 50 bajillion pictures, so I chose pictures that show the diversity of my trip.

Seoul from Namsan Tower

I studied abroad in Seoul for 2 months at Yonsei University during the summer of 2011 and was able to do a lot of traveling around Seoul and other cities throughout South Korea.  Lets just say my trip was probably a lot different than most of your trips will be.  I’m a huge fan of kpop, so everything related to that took up a great amount of time.  However!  That was not the only thing I did there.  There were so many palaces, museums, restaurants, shopping areas, and parks to visit.  My friends and I were never bored.

Jeju Island

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Korean food

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Jeju Island





Hello North Korea!  I technically crossed over into North Korea through that blue building on the left.  Half of the building is in SK and the other half is in NK.  So yes, I’ve stepped into North Korea.  How many people can say that?  This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and like nothing I’ve ever done before.  It was, honestly, kind of scary.

Gwanghawmun Square

And I have to add this…  OMG IT’S YESUNG!!!!!  I saw him at the grand opening of Handel and Gretel and it was amazing.  I trekked through a typhoon go to the cafe and was totally not expecting for him to show up.  I WAS FROZEN.  I couldn’t move.  He was right there in person.  He brushed right past me and it was so magical!!  My friend and I were going to leave right after we got our drinks, but he came right after ordered.  OMG PERFECT TIMING.  This was probably the highlight of my trip.  No joke.  I will save you all the spazzing, because I already wrote a post about it on my Korea blog.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about and you want to know, you should read that post.  You’ll definitely see a different side of me (pwahaha)!



Do any of you know who Yesung is?  Because if you do, we’re already best friends :)  Also have any of you studied abroad?


True Blue – Dirty Beaches

In today’s Tune in Tuesday, I picked a song from a band called Dirty Beaches. Usually how I pick a song to listen to is kinda self-centered but I see the artist’s interviews and see if their songs have any real meaning. Dirty Beaches, that is Alex Hungtai, explained how the music he wrote really did save his life. When I began to listen to True Blue, you can really tell why. True Blue mixes a calm wave of emotions with a grimy pick of his guitar.

Weekly Wishes #5

Weekly Wishes

Oh, doesn’t that look so delicious?  Welcome to Weekly Wishes: Food Edition!  I got the idea for this after I tweeted about food.  But before I get into that, lets review the past week.

My goals from last week included spending time with friends and family, while remaining off my phone, and studying Japanese.  I’m happy to say that it was a success!  I put spent minimal time on my phone the past week.  The times I did use it were when I was by myself.  I’m proud of myself!  I would usually check my phone even when there was no need to.  I would just scroll up and down Facebook and Twitter even though I knew that no one would be in contact with me.  This is a bad habit I really want to break because it takes time from being with other people.  Not to mention, it’s a big time waster overall.  The past week, I also spent more time with my family and friends all over the place.  It was a fun and productive week and I would like to continue this for the next two weeks.  Although, I’m a little sad we didn’t have family game night.  This week, for sure!

As for Japanese, I studied for a few hours (in total… that’s probably not that good for learning a language…) and watched my dramas.  Hey, I consider watching dramas as studying.  I mean, I’m practicing my listening skills right?  I will continue reviewing and watching this week.  If you have any advice on studying languages, please let me know!  I feel like I’m terrible at it.  It takes me forever to remember grammar points and vocabulary or to come up with sentences when I’m speaking.  Listening is a whole different ball game.  It’s my goal, eventually, to be able to understand and speak Japanese, so I have to keep striving to keep learning!

 photo weekly-wishes-button-yellow_zps120202d2.jpg

What’s in store for this week?  What does ‘Food Edition’ mean?  Okay, my goal for this week isn’t all that inspiring or sentimental, but earlier I tweeted this:

That basically sums up one of my goals for the next two weeks: eat everything I can’t eat in Japan.  Melyssa pitched in and told me, eat Mexican and sandwiches.  Those foods I really love, so I will definitely have to start on those.

My goals for this week: Eat.  Hangout.  Study Japanese.

Dear Diary…

Oh Those

I found my diaries/journals/whatever you may call it, back from high school and the beginning of college.  I love reading them because it makes me laugh (and very embarrassed).  Today, I have decided to let you into a bit of my teenage life.  Brace yourselves!  It’s going to be a crazy ride!  There are two things you should know about when I was a teenager: 1) I was really quiet.  2) I was boy crazy.  So 1 + 2 = a girl that would only write down her feelings and spazz about boys in this way.

I’m literally laughing at my ridiculous creepiness right now.  And don’t deny it!  I’m pretty sure you were that way when you were younger.  A lot of teen girls are really creepy when it comes to finding out things about the guys you like.  I’m pretty sure some of you  have done some strange things too.

Today, I will be quoting from “The Notebook” that my friend and I used to pass in between each other during high school.  I’m pretty sure we got this idea from watching something and thought it would be a cute/cool thing to do.  Without further ado, welcome to 15 year old Mallory’s thoughts.  Disclaimer: I’m taking out all names because what if they end up seeing this and realize how creepy I was.  OMG.  That would be terrible.  

I wonder what his grades are… He’s in almost all honors classes and stuff.  My head hurts, and finals are soon.  I have to study, study, study!  I wished we had a study date at Starbucks and the library.  That would be nice.  I wish I wasn’t so much older than him because I’ll have to drive him everywhere.  I think #2′s birthday is in March so it isn’t that bad.


I don’t even know what to say…  I laugh at myself every time I read through this!  And yes, we either named our crushes by numbers or by nicknames, just in case someone read the book (even though it was totally obvious who we were talking about).  It was also easier to talk about them out loud because then nobody would know who you were talking about.  Did you enjoy that short passage?  Well, here’s one more:

OMG, today right after 5th, I was walking to my locker with [friend 1] and I was looking at [some girl] when we were walking away, and guess who was walking the other way right in front of me?!  Yep!  If I didn’t stop, I could have ran right into him!  Gah.  I wished I didn’t stop.  It was almost like our plan to talk to him.  I’m mad now.  I wonder what he smells like.

Annnndddddd I will stop there!  Holy canoli!  Am I creepy or what?!  I gave “The Notebook” to Mark to read and he was laughing his head off, saying how cute I was.  No, not cute!  After about 2 pages into him reading it out loud, I was too embarrassed and took it away from him.    Wouldn’t you be embarrassed too?!  Anyways, if I get a good response from this, I may consider a part 2, 3, 4 or however many you would like me to do before I leave.  Or maybe this will be too downright weird and you will all think I’m super creepy.  Trust me!  I’m not like this anymore!

Did you ever do anything creepy or remember your crushes from high school?  I would love to read them and so I know I’m not the only one :)