Homemade Marinara Sauce

The marinara sauce in a jar is already pretty cheap to begin with, but why not experiment and add your own flavor to your sauce?  Out of all the marinara sauces I’ve tried, they all taste about the same, whether it’s ‘classic marinara’ or ‘tomato, onion, and garlic’ flavoring.  We are on a mission to have our own tomato sauce recipe, so we can have something to call our own.  However, when you’re creating your own recipe by eye, much of the cooking process will be trial and error.  I learned what not to do for the next time!

The sauce turned out pretty generic this time, so hopefully, once I perfect it, it’ll have it’s own special zing to it.




  • 2 cans of canned tomatoes (we used red pepper tomato flavor)
  • Tomato paste
  • butter
  • sugar
  • garlic
  • pesto
  • parsley

I threw everything into the pan and added more of certain ingredients as I stirred.  One thing I learned was to let the tomato base boil for a while.  I kept adding more sugar and pesto to it, which didn’t make a difference until it boiled for a while.  After boiling the taste changed a lot.  It was pretty sweet after adding the sugar.

Note to self: boil the tomato base before adding anything!  That’s if we use canned tomatoes again.  I would like to make a tomato sauce from actual tomatoes and go from there.  So fresh~

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