My France Trip 2012

As school was finishing up for the summer, between studying for finals, saying my goodbyes to the seniors, and going to my brother’s graduation, I found myself scrambling to pack for my France trip.  This trip was my brother’s graduation present and time for us to spend time as a family.  Because my brother is going to college in a month and a half, my parents are left at home by themselves for most of the year.

I’m lucky to be able to have parents that like to travel, even if they aren’t super adventurous.  Adventurous as in, exploring a foreign country on our own.  My parents like going with tour groups because they don’t have to worry about travel accommodations, tickets to certain attractions, and hotel reservations.  I’ll admit that that part is nice, just being able to wake up in the morning, hoping on and off the bus to see things.  The downsides to a tour group are the early mornings, constant moving, and the lack of time in places you want to stay in.  The tour group we went with, Gate 1, is better suited for my liking because they give a lot of time to explore on your own rather than having to stay with the tour group to explore places and to find your own restaurants to eat at.  If you happen to be looking for a tour group, I would recommend Gate 1.

The Itinerary (the cities):
Paris, Tours, Bayeux, Avignon, Nice

2 Weeks.

Coming up, the abridged version of my trip with some pictures.

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