I stepped outside for a few seconds because my brother told me there was a rainbow.  I took the time to look up at the sky for the first time in a while.  The orange, pinks and blues were a backdrop for the clouds.  It was beautiful.  It got me thinking, I really need to step outside more instead of being cramped inside at my desk.  Yes it’s important to study for the GRE or do homework, but it’s also important to go outside and enjoy the simple things.  I need to go take a walk around more during sunset, which is one of my favorite times.

I will go take walks more often.  Even if I may be really busy this upcoming school year with class, club stuff, studying, applying, etc., I will relax and try not to get over-stressed (that tends to happen a lot).  This is my last year of college and I want to enjoy everything.


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