Blue Bayou: Our Experience

Read about how our day at Disneyland lead to the Blue Bayou here.

The Blue Bayou.  This was the one restaurant in both parks that I really wanted to eat at and I was able to have the chance to eat because of Mark and his spontaneity.  He got us a reservation when I was in the bathroom and completely surprised me.  I didn’t even believe him at first when he told me!  We waited for about 40 minutes, talking about what just happened and how excited we were to be able to eat there.

As soon as we walked in, I saw that this restaurant was nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  The dark but romantic lighting , hanging lanterns, all set on the back porch of a New Orleans mansion overlooking the bayou.  Dark lighting usually connotes quietness, but there was the perfect amount of hustle and bustle.  Each table was in it’s own little world, taking in this experience as we were.

The menu is simple, one page of main courses ranging from surf and turf to chicken to jambalaya.  It was an easy decision for me since I don’t really eat anything other than chicken (there are exceptions to this but what I eat is complicated.  I’m very picky!).  Mark went back and forth between the surf and turf and the crab cakes until the waitress came and eventually decided on the crab cakes.

Each item on the menu comes with a gumbo or  a salad.  I chose the salad, since I’ve never tried gumbo before and didn’t want waste it if I didn’t like it, and Mark chose the gumbo.  Most of the time we end up choosing two different things so we’re able to try more dishes and it works out!  Best of both worlds.  For my first time trying it, I thought the gumbo was really good.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I liked blend of spices in the soup base (I don’t know how to describe food that well) and the rice.  There was sausage in the gumbo, but I avoided that.  The salad was delicious; a vinaigrette dressing topped with blue cheese and pecans.   That had to be the best vinaigrette I’ve ever tasted.  It wasn’t too sour and worked really well with the blue cheese.

Our main courses came and we were very happy with how they tasted.  We were so full at the end.  I ordered the chicken, which also came with Bayou potatoes and seasonal vegetables (mushrooms and green beans).  The way the chicken was dressed was really well, sitting in a sauce that complimented how the chicken was cooked.  My favorite part was the potatoes.  I’ll be honest… I almost cried when I ate them.  That’s how good I thought they were.  First off, I really love potatoes and the Bayou potatoes were something on a different level.  The potatoes were cut so thinly, made in a light cream sauce with the perfect amount of spices that equaled heaven.  I could go on all day about how amazing I thought the potatoes were and I’m still thinking about them today.  Mark was laughing at me because of my reactions the whole time.

Hi this is Mark typing, I’m going to start describing my crab cakes. The crab cakes I had were delicious. They were served to me on a plate with soft sliced potatoes and green beans. The 3 crab cakes themselves were full of authentic, and thick crab meat. Moreover, the crab cakes were perfectly salted, and right after one takes a bite into the fullness of the cakes, the hint of butter that we’re encapsulated into them just lofts in one’s taste buds (It made me giggle).  Not to mention the beurre blanc sauce that was poured along the side of the plate, it was dark orange and creamy, filled with anxiety, and one cannot help but graze their crab into its rich pool.

This was such a great way to end our evening, spontaneity at its best.  There was no better way to spend the night, at this restaurant on his birthday.  I would definitely come back to this restaurant some time in the future (those potatoes though!!!).  I also want to try the Monte Cristo sandwich.  I’ve read a few reviews that said that was a really good eat and I like turkey which is perfect!  Next goal: Blue Bayou lunch stop.


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    • markandmal

      Those potatoes! AMAZING. You should try it if you can! I liked the atmosphere and it’s pretty cool you’re basically dining in Pirates of the Caribbean.

      On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 7:34 PM, Sweet Smores

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