Mark’s Birthday [Part 2: The Surprise Party]

With day one a success, day two was Mark’s surprise party.  In the weeks before his birthday, Mark kept mentioning how he always wanted to have a surprise party.  The joke was on him… I had already decided about three months in advance that I wanted to throw him a surprise party.  I’ve never put together any type of get together and I was so afraid that no one would show up or that he would find out before the party date (which mostly depended on everyone who was invited).  After all my initial worrying, the party turned out to be a great success!

Thankfully I had my roommates and friends to help me plan, decorate, and cook.  We wanted to have home-cooked food for the party rather than frozen food, so we had to start way in advance.  I wanted to help prepare and cook the food, but unfortunately the extend of my help was in the cheese dip, cutting the tomatoes, salting them, and putting them into the oven.  My friends had it all under control, while I was decorating and making sure that Mark stayed at his apartment and didn’t know what was going on.

I left him at his apartment, telling him that my roommate Alissa and I were going to Target, Ikea, and any other store to start decorating our new apartment.  We had about four hours to cook and decorate, which was plenty of time for us.

This was a kid-themed Lakers party with Lakers plates, purple and yellow streamers, and well… Derrick Rose napkins since that is Mark’s favorite basketball player.

The plan was to call Mark over at 8pm, which is what I did since we were ready.  He was playing video games with his friends and boys… it takes them forever to get them away from those games.  He told me he was on his way over, which turned into 20 minutes.  Good thing his roommate was getting ready to surprise him at my apartment and texted the roommate that was still with him (the people he was playing video games with were in on the surprise too).  Thankfully they finished playing and he headed over.  My legs were starting to shake from looking out the peep hole.

He was definitely surprised when he walked in and he had the biggest smile on his face.  He wasn’t expecting it at all.  SUCCESS!!!!!  I’m so happy that his friends were there to surprise him and spend the night with him and I know that he appreciated it so much that they were there for him.  I saw it on his face when he hugged me and started greeting everyone.  His roommate and friend (the ones he was playing video games with) came over after Mark walked in.  His roommate, to make sure Mark didn’t suspect him, started boiling pork.  He ended up following Mark to my apartment since he didn’t know where I lived.  Oh the length his friends went to keep it a secret.  They’re awesome and hilarious!

My friend’s failed attempt at taking pictures of him while he came in

Once he came in, we were finally able to eat!!  So much food!  I’m so glad that we cooked everything ourselves.

Our cheese biscuits, cheese dip, and lasagna!  We also had spam masubi and spaghetti.

The kid party continued after dinner, with an intense game of Pictionary.  Usually each team has a turn on their own, but for some reason, every time we had to draw, it was an all-play, meaning that all 4 teams were against each other to move spaces.  Everyone went crazy.

The black team eventually won.  The team filled with the bio majors (which was an advantage because there were a few bio related drawings there that no one else could draw).  After the game, came Mark’s cake:

Yes, we’re not professional cake decorators, but as long as it tastes good!

The party wound down and everyone said their goodbyes.  I’m so happy how his surprise party turned out and the people who came to celebrate his birthday.  I’m so thankful to them and to my friends who came to set up.  I definitely couldn’t have done it without them.  I’m glad I could make him happy and he was able to celebrate with his friends.

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