Meet Our New Kitten


This was probably one of the most random things we’ve ever done and it ended with a baby.  A new furry baby.

Mark had been talking about how he wanted to have a kitten, watching kitten videos during his breaks (I was watching too and couldn’t helping melting in a puddle of goo each and every time.  Kittens are just too adorable!).  He and his friends were searching online for kittens we could potentially have and after a few tries, one lady contacted them back.  This was supposed to be a surprise for our anniversary, Christmas, and birthday present, but Mark sucks at keeping secrets and I got it out of him (I’m not sure if I like surprises or not… I mean, I do!  But I don’t…)

On October 14th, super excited and smiley, we went to pick up our kitten.  Even at Target we were so excited to pick out food, a bed, a litter box, and toys.  WE WERE ACTUALLY GETTING A KITTEN!  I’ve never had a pet (well, except for two tiny turtles when I was ten) and this was a totally different and random thing that came up.  Would I be good mommy?  Was this even a good idea?  Who’s going to take care of the cat when we had to go home?  So many questions were going through my head.

When we finally met our future kitten, we were sold.  He was so adorable and playful and quiet.  We actually wanted a different kitten, but the owner couldn’t find him and we ended up with this grey stripped fluff ball, Simba.

His name just randomly came about after Mark randomly did the Lion King, Simba, lift.  If you know what I’m talking about :)  

He adjusted quickly to our apartment and soon enough he was bouncing off the walls.  He can be so feisty and stubborn at times.  As I write this, he’s climbing on tables and going into the kitchen after trying so hard to train him not to.  We all love him and get distracted by him a little too much.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Simba!!



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