Simba [9 weeks old]

Soooo… recently, we found out that Simba is actually a girl.  None of us bothered to look, we just trusted what the owner said.  At least we know now and we’re sorry Simba went through a little identity crisis!

It’s been 3 weeks since we got… HER… and she’s grown so much since then.  It was weird, all of a sudden, she was a lot bigger!  We didn’t even notice.  She’s a lot crazier now, running around the apartment, biting everything and anything she can, jumping around, but she’s still the adorable kitten that she is.  It’s also safe to say that she’s spoiled and well fed (someone is getting a round tummy!).

She loves my laptop!  She always ends up sleeping near or on it in this case.  

Hanging out (my screen is dirty… need to clean it!)

Here’s a video we took of her, playing around on the bed sheets:

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