More Simba Randomness

So we’re back to the belief that Simba is a boy.  We did more research and we’re pretty sure he’s a he.  We’re definitely giving Simba an identity crisis.  We’re sorry baby!!!!

This kitten is wild.  Because we’re first time cat owners, we’re not really sure what “normal” behavior is, so we’re just saying that Simba is hyper to the max.  With every passing day, he gets more and more hyper!  He loves biting everyone one, clawing people, jumping on people, running around the apartment, jumping onto the top bunk, going into the refrigerator, and the list goes on and on.  Simba has a ton of energy and his playtime can go on for an hour or more.  We’re trying different ways to discipline him (we’re sorry again Simba, but it has to happen!), but who knows if he understands (and plus we feel bad so sometimes we’re not as angry as we should be… ah!!)

As crazy as he can be, we still love him.  He’s as cute as can be.  The best time to be around him is when he’s getting tired.  No biting, no scratching, no nothing.  A time when we can actually take pictures of him.

It’s tiring keeping up with this one!  I must say though, I love it when he comes and sleeps next to me because I know that he feels warm and safe around me.  Also I love waking up to Simba sleeping either next to me or on top of me (but he is getting heavier and heavier, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll want him to sleep on me…).

He loves sitting outside the bathroom waiting for us to come out.


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