Earl of Sandwich [Part 2]

This is a little late, but we went back (again) with all our friends before finals week as a de-stresser before all the studying started.

And again Earl’s did not disappoint, I got the Italian and it consisted of Salami, Capicola, Roasted Ham, Mortadella, and Italian sauce. Just looking at the picture of the Italian right now is making my mouth water. It is as delicious as it looks. Once you take a bite out of it, the sandwich initially hits you with their signature style of artisan bread. The way Earl makes it is indescribable. The crunch of the top layer and the buttery-ness and softness of the inside layer just melts in your melt. Then the smokiness of the ham and the slight saltiness of the salami plays perfect harmony with each other…argh my stomach is growling as we speak. Not to mention again the way Earl compact their sandwiches, the instant you sink your teeth in you get nothing but a wave of delicious bread, meat, cheese, and sauce. Whew anyhoots, after the bite, their sauce just cleans the pallet helping the eater avoid dry taste.¬†Definitely, if you get a chance go. Because the experience is different and amazing everytime.



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