A New Start and Basketball

I’ve decided to take this blog in a different direction.  At first I wanted this to be strictly a travel blog, but at the moment, I can’t really go anywhere and the fact that I wanted to post more than just travel, led me to make this into a life blog.  I ended up on a few blogs that were life blogs too, so I thought, maybe I can write about my life.  Sooooo, this will now encompass everything and anything I want to write about!

My last year of college is almost over.  I’m finished a little early so I will be done with school while Mark will still be in class and studying.  I decided that I needed to start making the most of my time here instead of sitting around doing nothing.  I am the co-president and vice president of a club that I’ve been apart of since freshman year, but that has been super stressful because of many reasons so I felt that I need to turn to something else.  I still haven’t found what that thing is but I’m starting to appreciate the little things.  I walk around campus, taking in my surroundings, both in the day and at night.  I know that I love anthropology and enjoy every class and don’t touch my phone until after class is over.  I think it finally hit me that I truly appreciate having an education and I’m starting to want to keep learning more.

It’ll be bitter sweet leaving this place, but I know there’s so much more out there for me.  I finally got my first paying job at a place that I love.  I volunteered there in high school and who knows, maybe I’ll eventually end up working there.  I am currently one step closer to teaching English in Japan, the thing I’ve been wanting to do since FOREVER.  *fingers crossed*  You have no idea how badly I want this.  I’ve been working hard throughout college and hopefully it’ll all pay off in the end and I will make my mark in the world (hehe mark).

I started my lets appreciate the little things mindset at Mark’s basketball game.  He’s playing for our club and even though it’s only intramurals, I can honestly say that I love watching him play (and the team).  I know nothing about basketball, but I have so much fun watching, yelling at them for missing their shots, passing to the wrong people, and so much more.  I do cheer them on though!  Don’t think that I don’t haha!

I’m going to miss going to these games.  My school doesn’t have a basketball team, but I think this is just as fun.  It makes me happy to be able to support Mark and cheer him on.

It’s Mark :)

Note to self:  finish strong.


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