Ed Sheeran


No seriously though.  He’s amazing.  How did I not discover him sooner?  (Okay, I know the answer to that).  My brother told me randomly one day, You should listen to this guy.  I think you’ll like him.  Then he showed me Lego House, since Rupert Grint was in the music video.  I thought he was pretty good.  The song was my style, but I didn’t go back to listen to him.  Later, I heard his song playing and thought, Wow this is a really good song.  I had to Google the lyric, since I don’t have shazaam on my phone and found out it was him.  Now I’m HOOKED.

There is just something about his voice.  It’s so soothing and powerful at the same time.  Give Me Love is a great example of that.  I especially love the end when he’s yelling love me, give me love.   I have no idea how to review music, so all I end up doing is spazzing.  Bottom line is, Ed Sheeran is a very talented man that writes and sings beautiful music.

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