Inspiration Sundays

I’m in Orlando as I post this, but I wrote this ahead of time so I could be on top of things!

In my recent post I talked about how I’m done with my undergraduate career.  Done! There’s nothing more for me to do.  No more classes to go to (for now).  Now what?  That’s seriously the biggest question for me and probably for most grads.  Now what?  Do I find a job?  What kind of job?  Where?  How do I even find a job?  How do I budget?  How do I file taxes?  Is that even the right way of saying it?  And the questions go on and on…  I’m pretty sure most people who aren’t going to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse, and anything that requires you to at least have an idea of what you’re going to do while in college, have asked themselves these questions plenty of times.

As for right now, I’m going to enjoy my vacation.  A WEEK OF DISNEYYYY!!!!!!  Once I get back, I have an internship and a part time job that I’ll be doing until graduation.  In the meantime… that’s the question.  What do I do with the extra time I’ll have when I would be doing homework?

Like I said in my previous post, one of my goals is to read more, at least 2 books per month.  While in school I hardly ever read any books that I wanted to read and if you’ve seen my goodreads list, I have listed a number of books I’ve been wanting to read.  I will also try to learn more about photography and blogging… and travel.  I think I have to wait on the travelling part though.  I’m still waiting to hear back from the program I REALLY want to get into.  The results from that will determine whether I will try to look for a job or not.

April = the month I find out if my life will drastically change.



I’ve been missing ballet a lot lately.  I really want to find a class just to get back in shape.  Her feet are gorgeous.

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