A Regular but Extraordinary Story

I’m not much of a blogger but seeing how Mallory work so hard on our page makes me want to do just as much. (I’m not much of a photographer too so any of the picture you see may be blurry))So this week, Mallory went off to Florida and went to Harry Potter World as well as Disney World. I am super JELLO, but very happy because I can live my life vicariously through her. There isn’t a day where I miss her though. Seeing her send me all these pictures makes me happy that one day we will be able to go there together. I know she will be posting those awesome pictures soon, but till then, you get to see what I am doing while she is traveling the world being amazing.

Last Spring Break as a college student started off with a complete fumigation of the apartment! SIMBA HAS THE FLEAS! It was scary because all the roommates were in charge of fumigating a room. What that meant was each of us was in charge of setting a flea grenade off in our designated room. We had flashlights because all the lights in the rooms needed to be turned off. (We felt we were a tactical military squad infiltrating an enemy base…haha…oh I love video games). So on the count of 3 we activated the flea bomb and we placed it on top of a piece of paper. The flea bomb began spewing spray, and once it did we all needed to run out of the door. My flea bomb tipped over and I had to fix it. While that was happening the whole apartment was being covered by spray, and both my roommates ran out the door already. I literally thought I was gonna die by the fumes, and I heard my roommates say “Where the heck is Mark.” I quickly placed the flea bomb back on the piece of paper and left. It was awesome! We ended the day rearranging the apartment and cleaning supplies were everywhere. Here is a picture during the battle of the FLEAS and one of my roommates is dead…hehe.Image

After that I decided to go the the ARC (aka gym) to finally exercise! It’s been a long while so when I was there I decided to play basketball. It was a hard fought game…people were sweating, I was sweating, this guy next to me was sweating…just a lot of sweating. Then I realized how much I was heaving so I sat down. All I kept thinking about was how it was my last year in college and I needed to get in shape for the future so I pushed on. I had a ton of fun! Not to mention I went with one of my best friends so I can’t complain.


We ended the day eating sushi at a place called Sake 2 Me! The Lakers were playing! HOWEVER, service was TERRIBLE! We waited half an hour to get our first order of sushi. After a while the terrible service benefited us because we were all getting food coma and the slowness of the waiter helped us recuperate.


This has been 4 days till Mallory left, and I can’t tell you how much I miss this women! I hope she is having fun and having the best time of her life. These are the things I do when she is away but it’s meant to show no matter how much fun I am having I am always thinking of her :))


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