Spring Break 2013: Disney World!!

Happy Easter!  I got back from Disney World on Friday and had such a fun time!  I had a super packed 5 days of walking, standing, and eating.  I better have toned my calves a little from walking so much.  My poor feet were in pain every single day, but I guess that’s the price you pay for having an awesome time at Disney World.

This was the last spring break I’ll have (unless I go down the teaching path, but that’s a different story!) and one of the last family vacations we’ll have in a while.  I love my family and yes, it’s hard being together 24/7 sometimes, but in the end it was a great vacation.

Over the next week or so, I will post pictures from my trip, talking about the things I did.  If you didn’t know, I LOVE Disney.  I’m such a kid at heart.  I would run around the parks if I could, but I was on a strict schedule because of my dad.  My dad was following these schedules from a tour book he read on how to save 2-3 hours of waiting in line.  They worked up to some point, but there were so many people there that in the end, we spent a lot of time waiting.  The parks were really busy since it was spring break for a lot of kids.  There were A LOT of families there from all over the world.  Kids are cute and all, but having to listen to kids throwing tantrums left and right can get annoying.  Sometimes it’s a sigh of relief that these kids can’t go on all the rides.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which I loved.  I love how the hotel was designed and the “safari” they have.  You can wake up to the animals every morning.  We went to the four parks plus Islands of Adventure where the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located.  I was a wizard (or witch I guess) for the day!

Please stay tuned for details and pictures from my trip!

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