Wanna Wear (Or Have)

Dress F21 || Watch Louis Vuitton || Shoes ModCloth

Welcome to Wanna Wear (Or Have) Wednesdays!  I was trying to be cute and clever, but I don’t think it’s working out.  Lets just say creativity is not my strongest point.

This week in Wanna Wear (or Have), I was searching around for clothes and accessories that I really want to start changing up my wardrobe.  I saw this dress at Forever 21 over the weekend and I love it.  The only thing is that they didn’t have my size!  I’m really contemplating on ordering it online even though I tell myself not to do online shopping.  I’m literally on the page right now.  I do need a dress for graduation, which gives me another reason to buy it… so tempting…

Obviously, I can’t afford that watch and probably will never be able to afford that watch.  It’s $15,000.  A girl can dream though, right? I do need a watch though, since I know it’s unprofessional to keep pulling out your phone to check the time.  Plus it makes a nice accessory.

And those sandals… really cute!  I need more sandals for the spring and summer.  Right now, my shoes of choice have are Sperry’s and Oxfords.  Sometimes, I want to let my feet free to feel the air and sunshine (without getting a weird tan line like a usually do).

The last thing in Wanna Wear, is a kpop album.  I’ve been looking to buy this album since it was released back in January, but it was sold out a couple days after it was released.  Sigh…  If you don’t know me, I LOVE kpop and I love this band.  (I was doing some major fangirling last night, but that’s beside the point).  I will get my hands on that album somehow!  I guess this prevents me from spending my money on albums.

Question of the day: Is there anything that you’ve been wanting lately?


  1. Jina Sunjin Ko

    Hay, I just got here when i search for something from google. :) lately I wanna buy shoes, but my size is unbelievably tiny so always they didn’t have my size. Always. OMG! The only way to fine my size is the kids shop. It’s sucks. :( Anyway, The reason I commend you that you want to get K-pop album. yeah! Here is korea. Maybe I can help you to find that K-pop album. (But not sure)

    • markandmal

      Aww really? I wish I had smaller feet sometimes. I have wide feet so a lot of pointy toed or narrow shoes never fit me. Also a lot of the shoes I want, I don’t know where I’d wear them. I’ve been looking for that album for forever! If you would like to help me, then that would be awesome! You can email me and we can get in contact with each other. We could also talk about shoes :)

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