Going to Hollywood Studios

Day 3 – On day 3 we went to Hollywood Studios and boy was it cold.  I was still wearing the same sweater that I’ve been wearing for the past couple days (it probably smelled, but my warmth mattered more).

We followed, what I now call, “The Schedule”.  The first thing it said was to get a fast pass for Rockin’ Roller coaster and get in line for Toy Story Mania.  We waited in line for Toy Story Mania for almost two hours because there was a delay half way through waiting in line.  My dad kept complaining, coming up with different scenarios of how Disney should please costumers if a ride breaks down.

Toy Story Mania is one of my favorite Disney rides.  It’s so much fun and I get so competitive.  I will not go easy on you!  I know my score isn’t that high in comparison to other people’s, but I’m trying to improve.  My arm gets so tired in the middle of the ride.  I don’t understand how some people do it!

I don’t have very many pictures from the rest of the day.  It seems like as the days went on, the less pictures I took.

We hit all the big rides, including Rockin’ Roller coaster, which is awesome.  My mom went on it and enjoyed it, and she doesn’t even like roller coasters.  If you want a thrilling ride, definitely go on Rockin’ Roller coaster.  The beginning… OHHHMMAGAHHHH.  Other big name rides are Tower of Terror, Star Tours (which we didn’t go on), and… I can’t think of any others.  My dad wanted to watch the Indiana Jones stunt show and this new car stunt show they had.  My dad loves the Indiana Jones stunt show.  It’s been his favorite since he saw it for the first time, however many years ago.

I need to make a comment about the Little Mermaid Ride, it was so random.  Okay, it maybe wasn’t that random, it’s just I was expecting a ride.  There is a new attraction there called the American Idol Experience.  It’s based off of the real show, where three park guests each show compete for the audience’s votes.  Whoever wins throughout the day goes to the finale at the end of the day and competes for a ticket to audition first at one of the American Idol audition stops.  I thought it was pretty cool and the singers were really good.  I had a fun time watching the show.

For dinner, we had a reservation at the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater.  I love how this restaurant is set up.  It look likes a 60’s drive in movie theater.  You sit in cars while watching clips of sci-fi movies from the 60’s.  My dad kept saying how it brought back memories of going to drive in theaters when he was a kid.

I ordered the whole grain pasta with white sauce.  I don’t like whole grain pasta or white sauce, but I don’t like hamburgers (even more than I don’t like white sauce and whole grain pasta) and I was really craving pasta.  My brother was the one who ordered the burger.

After dinner, we watched the Beauty and the Beast show, which is a shortened version of the musical.  The last rides we went on was something about Jack Sparrow…. My dad saw that it was a new ride and he wanted to see what it was.  It was geared more towards kids, as they were “training” to be apart of Jack Sparrow’s crew.  It was freezing by this point, so we decided to go on one last ride before going back to the hotel.  We went on The Great Movie Ride, which shows scenes from some of the greatest movies of all time.  My dad keeps telling my brother and me to watch these movies.  One day I will…

It was another fun and tiring day of Disney fun!  These parks are sooo spread out and The Schedule had us walking all over the place.  My poor feet though… two more days.  And possibly the two biggest parks were left.

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