Inspiration Sundays

Today’s Inspiration Sunday is going to be a short one, this upcoming week is going to be a busy one for me and this past weekend was nothing short of super fun.  A few of these pictures are a preview for the San Diego post I will do in a few days about my weekend trip.

This week, I was inspired by the beauty of California.  Over the weekend, I went to San Diego, and haven’t been there since I was little.  Even then, the only places we would go to were the zoo or Sea World.  I’ve lived in California my whole life and have only recently began to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me.  Although California may conjure up images of polluted Los Angeles or beaches (but beaches are a big part of this awesome state!), California ranges from the beaches to mountains to farmland to deserts.  Where I live, I can go surfing, go snowboarding, and go hiking in a desert all within two hours of me.  Go on Soarin’ Over California at California Adventure or Epcot and you’ll see how diverse California’s land is.

I’ve decided to make it my mission to discover my state, to discover its beauty.  I want to travel up and down seeing everything from the redwoods to the desserts.  Northern California and Southern California are totally different from each other – the things that first come to mind are the weather and hella.  I’ve honestly never really took the time to appreciate my home city.  I live in a beach city and many people come from different places to visit my city, yet I never take the time to go out and soak it all in.  We have a downtown area, with the pier and an outdoor market at nights.  I give the excuse that it’s too busy during the summer, but I need to just get UP and GO.  Before I leave, I will make my way there and soak up some sun.  I should start local before I branch out.  I think the fact that I’m leaving makes me want to appreciate where I’m from even more.  I will be leaving in 3 months and I will be gone for at least a year… I should start soon!  

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