One Day in San Diego

Over the weekend Alissa – my roommate, Mark, and I went to San Diego for a day.  Alissa is from the area and showed us around the county.  It was really gray and cold, which was a bummer because it would have been so much nicer if it was warm.  We drove along the coast, starting in Carlsbad and ended up in San Diego.  We hung out with seals, saw all the couples in the world at Balboa Park, and ate our hearts out at Extraordinary Desserts.

Just letting you know now, there are a lot of pictures from the day.

The day started off with Mexican food.  All our friends from SD always rave about how good the Mexican food is (and for obvious reasons.  Actually, it probably wouldn’t be obvious if you don’t know where San Diego is…), so we had to try it.  I got a chicken burrito and was so delicious, but I couldn’t finish it because it was super spicy.  My mouth was on fire!  After lunch we made our way down the beautiful coast.

Sleepy head.

In La Jolla, hanging out with seals.

Balboa Park.  Maybe next time we’ll go into a museum.

For dinner, we went to Alissa’s parents’ Thai restaurant.  Mmmmmmmmmm so good!  I love Thai food.

After ate, we went to Extraordinary Desserts, it’s basically want the name of the restaurant is.  Extraordinary Desserts.  OMMMAAGAHHHH.  It’s like this place was made for me!  I love desserts so much.  You should get the pink hot chocolate.  Because it’s pink and chocolate… and pink.

We had such a fun day and there are so many things to do and so many things to eat, we’re definitely going to have to make another trip to SD again.  I love these two, they’re, like, the best and most amazing people ever.  The three musketeers.

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