On My Mind

This is what I want to do sometimes.

For some reason I’ve been extremely busy lately, especially last week.  I thought, in between finishing college and graduating, I would be sitting around, doing nothing, but it’s the total opposite.  I’m busier than ever before.  I’m not complaining (okay… maybe I am just a little bit), but I want a break.  I’m going to events for my organization pretty much every weekend and the majority of the week.  On top of that internship and work.  SO MUCH I JUST WANT TO TAKE A COUPLE DAYS OFF!!!!  Ahhhh!

Other (random) things that have been on my mind lately:

  • I need to learn how to wake up early.  I just love staying in bed though!  
  • It’s crazy how quickly people can change when they’re given power.  Dear you, you need to realize that just because you’re in a position where you can tell people what to do, doesn’t mean you rule all.  This is a collective effort.  Get over yourself.  Learn to be humble.  It’s a great human quality.
  • I’m glad I’m a patient person.
  • I really need to finish my Disney World spring break post.  I have one more day to go!  It’s been almost a month since we came back.
  • I can’t wait and I’m dreading for the summer to come… I will eventually write a post on this since it’s going to be a big part of life for the next year or so.
  • The weather needs to make up its mind.  It was like 97 degrees last week, then it rained last night.
  • Why am I still reading the same book from spring break?  I need to pick up the speed reading that book.
  • I love pho.
  • I might as well end this post about pho.

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