Small Worldly Adventures at Epcot

I’m finally on the last day of our spring break vacation at Disney World.  That took me forever to do.

Our last stop was Epcot, which is one huge park.  For some reason, my feet weren’t as tired as the other days, which was good because you have to do extra walking here in order to see everything at this park.

We started off at one of the biggest rides here: Test Track.  We waited in line while my mom got fastpasses for Soarin’ Over California (this other biggest ride there).

Test Track is a fun ride!  I remember going on it when I went to Disney World for the first time, and it was one of my favorite rides.  They redid the whole attraction and made it more modern.  I remember a part where they used a heater to see if your car was durable. Now you get to design your own car and see how it fares through all the tests.  The line was extremely long though.  It was probably close to 2 1/2 hours of waiting time, even though it said the wait was around 100 minutes.

Since the line took so long, we went on a few mini rides (not so mini… the Ellen Degeneres world of energy ride was about 40 minutes long…) before eating lunch since we had an early dinner reservation.

We went to Sunshine Seasons located in The Land, close to Soarin’ Over California.  I was so excited because I finally found corn chowder!!!  The Pacific Wharf Cafe got rid of it at California Adventure and I was super sad about that.  Finding this soup made my day.

After lunch we went on Soarin’ Over California, it was crazy that the line was 3 hours long!!!  I was so confused because the ride is about California, but we’re in Florida and most of these people probably aren’t from California… and yeah.  3 hours long!  Good thing we had fastpasses.  We also went on with Living with the Land.  I liked that ride and wasn’t really expecting us to go through the greenhouses.  I liked seeing all the fruits and vegetables being grown.

We then made our way to the World Showcase.  This is one of my favorite parts since I love seeing the different “countries.”

Just for Mark

We saw the two circle vision videos they had at Canada and China.  It’s pretty cool seeing the countries in a 360 video.  We were going to watch the mini shows each country had, but most of the shows happened already and our dinner reservation was coming up.

We ate at Teppan Edo in Japan.  It is similar to Benihana if you’ve ever been there (teppan style!).  We had a good experience, but I think Benihana is better and tastier.

After dinner, I met Mulan!!!!  I never see here at Disneyland, but I guess since they have a China section, she should make an appearance.  But it was super exciting!  Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies.

I also had that fried goodness above while waiting for the firework show to start.  The firework show was loud and ashy… The show happens in the middle of the World Showcase, so fireworks are going off right in front of you.  This poor duck was floating by us, probably confused about what was going on, unless the duck watches the show every night.

That was pretty much the end to our trip to the theme parks!  This was a great way to end our vacation!  Well, the next day we had some bus trouble.  We were going to go mini golfing but my dad lead us on the wrong bus and we ended up spending almost 2 hours just trying to get to either mini golf of Downtown Disney.  In the end, we just went to Downtown Disney to walk around and eat.

Disney World is such a great place to vacation with your family.  I think no matter how old you are, you will enjoy the Disney magic.  Everyone still has that kid inside of them.  I had such a fun time with my family and I hope that we can go on another trip soon.  I know it may not happen, since I’m graduating and my brother is off doing school, but I can still hope right?!  Even if we annoy each other throughout the vacation, we always end up having a really fun time with each other.

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