Images from the Weekend

I thought about doing a picture every hour post, but then I realized that you would all see how boring my life is.  Literally, all the pictures would be of food, playing on the computer, and my cat.  Well, you get all of that in this post anyway!  This is what my weekends are, and have been, in a nutshell.

I love Coffee Bean’s ice blended mocha. No one can make it like they do.

Lately, Mark’s BFF has been obsessed with playing board games and we’ve been having game night pretty much every weekend the past couple weeks.  Games are so complicated these days!  The most complicated game we’ve played so far is Cosmopolitan Alien.  I honestly have no idea what the name of the game is, I just guessed the name based off glimpsing at the game box.  On Saturday, we played from 10 PM to 4:30 AM.  Yes.  We’re that crazy.  It’s because of that alien game!  It took 3 hours just to finish.  It was everyone’s first time playing which is one of the reasons why it took so long.  Best part of it all though, I won.  A well deserved win!

Currently obsessed with: Sim City 3 and Resistance

Have you every played either of these games?  Well, Mark, his BFF, his roommate, me, and so many others are addicted to this game.  If you’ve never played this game or even heard of it… YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  Who knew that building your own city would be so addicting?

And The Resistance.  Everyone at game night loves to play this game.  It’s such a simple board game, but soooo fun.  You’re basically trying to find out who the spies are among all the players.  It’s so fun trying to see Mark act like he’s not a spy, but I can totally tell when he’s faking it.  When you spend so much time together, you know when there’s something different about the other person.

Oh, and peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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