Images from the Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!  I’m so happy I was able to spend two days with my parents.  Since I’m away at college and almost about to move, I get really excited to spend some time with my parents.  I spend my Mother’s Day weekend at Universal Studios and at my grandma’s house.  I haven’t been there since I was little, so I only remembered bits and pieces from the park.  My dad was able to get discounted tickets because of an event, so we were able to stay pass the closing time for the general public.  It didn’t really make a difference, because the lines weren’t any shorter than during the day.

Mark also came with us and it was his first time there.  He didn’t know what to expect on any of the rides, but he was super excited.  He thought the Waterworld show would have dolphins and whales (silly boy).  That is such an awesome show, by the way.  It’s amazing how they do all the stunts during the show.

The studio tour is one of my favorite rides there.  I love being able to see where they filmed all these movies and get to see how they use certain areas to make it look real in the movies.  You don’t expect the tour to be as long as it is, but the lot is HUGE!  It takes about an hour to go through the whole thing so go to the bathroom before you wait in line.  I’ve also really liked the Jurassic Park ride, I think it’s mainly because of the drop at the end.  It’s so exhilarating.  I think another great ride is the Transformers ride, because it’s so different from any other rides in the area.  It’s really similar to the Spiderman ride in Islands of Adventure in Orlando. So if you’ve been on either of those rides, then you’ll know what to expect.

Also over the weekend, Mark and I usually have more time to cook and try out new recipes.  For the past couple weeks, Mark has been craving a teriyaki bowl.  We went to go get one, but he still wanted more teriyaki.  He found a recipe online to make gyudon (beef teriyaki) so we decided to make it for dinner that night.

You can view the recipe here: Gyudon

Next up on our list to cook: Disney recipes! I can’t wait.

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