LA Double Date

Over the weekend, we went on a double date with Mark’s BFF and his girlfriend.  This was the first double date we’ve ever been on and we had a ton of fun!  Lots of eating and sighting seeing and more eating.  We visited places that both Mark and I have never been to, which was even better because we were looking forward to each location.

Our first stop was the Grove and the Farmer’s Market for lunch.  The Grove is a really nice outdoor mall with a ton of nice stores and places to eat.  At the end of the Grove is the Farmer’s Market, where you can find a lot of little places go eat.

We decided to try Pampas Grill, a Brazilian place.  This place had the longest line, and apparently there’s always a long line for the place.  And there’s a reason why… It’s DELICIOUS!

There are about 6 choices of meat and a salad and hot sides buffet.  They weight the plate after you choose all the sides and meats you want.  It can get a little expensive if you pile your plate with food, but it’s super good.  Mark and I shared a plate of chicken, lamb, sausages, and a bunch of sides.

After lunch, we walked around the Grove and went into the shops.  If I had more time, I’d definitely go on a window shopping spree.

Our next stop was Milk, an ice cream sandwich place.  I’ve been wanting to try this place since forever.  I always see my friend’s pictures on Instagram and them raving about how good the place is.  We finally got to try and it wasn’t a struggle to find parking!

You can either order ice cream, an ice cream sandwich, or an ice cream bar.  The four of us decided to go with different ice cream sandwiches: salty caramel, blueberry, grasshopper (mint chocolate chip), and red velvet.  The cookie bread part on mine was a little hard while everyone else’s was super soft.  I’m was a little because the red velvet would have been so much better if the cookie bread part was soft.  I loved the ice cream though.  I couldn’t decide between Thai tea and red velvet, but after I tried the ice cream, I was sold on the red velvet.  Next time I will try the Thai tea ice cream.  Regardless, all the sandwiches were really tasty.  The other three LOVE the grasshopper.

The next stop was Griffith Observatory.  I’ve also been wanting to go here for forever again after seeing a ton of pictures.  We had to park far away, so we had a mini hike up to the observatory.

They were having some kind of telescope event out on the lawn which was pretty cool.  We were able to look through a bunch of big, expensive looking telescopes.  We got a good look at the moon and some of the craters on the moon.

In the observatory, there are exhibits about the solar system and great views of smoggy LA.  We stayed there for a while, soaking up the view and waiting in line to view the main telescope.  It was pretty interesting listening to the some of the facts the guide was telling us.  The view we had was of the Apollo (some number…) landing site.  There were two craters we could see and the distance between the two craters is the size of California.  It’s pretty crazy to think about how huge the moon really is.  Before this, I don’t think I’ve seen the moon in such detail through a telescope

After visiting the observatory, we were super hungry and decided to go to Korean BBQ.  Mmmm!  It was so good after the long day.  With barely any time left, we rushed over to Bottega Louis to try their macarons.  SO EXPENSIVE FOR OUR COLLEGE WALLET.  Those two macarons costed us $5.45.  WAH!  Expensive, but it was soooo good.  I got vanilla and Mark got earl grey.  This was probably one of the best macarons I’ve tasted.

We had such a fun time together that we’re hoping to go on another double date soon!  We wanted to go to other museums but we ran out of time.  Next time!


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