Mediterranean Chicken Pita

After indulging for over a week, we finally decided it was time to try to eat healthy again.  I used the marinade of this recipe for the chicken and added it to a pita with hummus, spinach, mixed greens, tomatoes, and avocados.  The marinade was delicious and it went well with the veggies and hummus.

We had a lot of extra chicken so that’s why it’s spilling over the edge of my pita.  It made for some leftovers the next day with the extra veggies, pitas, and hummus we have.  This dish was such a great idea!  I thank my friend for Instagraming his version of this, which inspired me to make this.

I’m starting a new section called Cooking Diary to document all the recipes we find online.  I’m no cook and don’t know how to make anything worth eating unless I follow a recipe.  Therefore, I will be posting my experiences with cooking!  I’ve mentioned different recipes we’ve tried within other posts, but I’m going to start doing separate posts for cooking.  We’ve been trying to cook more and sometimes we’re really good at cooking each day and sometimes (like the past week) we’re really bad at it!  This will hopefully give us more motivation to try to cook more and find new recipes.  Enjoy! :)

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