The Mother We Share – Chvrches

Tune in Tuesday. Two straight weeks, I have to pick this band again. Chvrches has absolutely blown my mind. I will be posting my experiences of their concert soon. But for now I will post this awesome called the Mother We Share. It’s just so hip. It reminds me of really awesome 80’s electronic music. I’ve never listened to this type of music before. It makes you want to dance, but at the same time close your eyes and be taken on a magical ride. It’s like you’re rolling blading around Chuck-Cheese!



  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I just clicked over from the comment you left me and how GLAD I am. I LOVE THAT SONG and the band and went and listened to the other one from your last post. Going to itunes now to download!

    • markandmal

      Yeah, I just started listening to them too and they’re really good! I saw them live last Sunday and I was kind of sad because they’re from Scotland and this was their last show in California. They have an album coming out I think in September.

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