Weekly Wishes

I’ve decided to join Melyssa’s Weekly Wishes Link Up!  I’m in love with her blog and the topics she posts about, from life in Japan to cooking to DIY projects.  Not to mention, she’s a super sweet person and has the cutest dog!  I also love that one of the main reasons of her blog is to spread positivity.  I feel like, everyone can use more positivity in their lives, even if you’re the most positive person in the world!

The Nectar Collective

The objective of the link up is to post your wishes or goals that you have for the week.  Lately, my new thing is to set small goals to be accomplished within a day, week, or month, because I already know my long term goals.  Sometimes I lose sight of the smaller things in life.  This link up is perfect for me, since I can really focus on those small things and feel more productive in accomplishing those goals since they are more readily able to be completed.

This week, I have three goals that I would like to accomplish:

  1. Graduate!  I know this is already going to happen, but I would like to get through graduation without falling on my face or anything clumsy that would happen to me.  It’s been four years and it’s time to for me to enjoy this moment.
  2. Pack and move out of my apartment.  I’ve been lagging on this, purely out of laziness.  I have a lot of stuff that I need to get together before Sunday in the middle of graduating, taking pictures, and being with friends and family!  Lets say… Wednesday.  I should start packing on Wednesday.
  3. Read!  This has been my goal for a while now.  I’m a very slow reader and I would like to partly blame my goldfish attention span.  No matter how good a book is, I always end up getting distracted by something.  Before I leave during the summer, I would like to finish two books: 1Q84 and a biography about Walt Disney.  I won’t be able to lug these ginormous books with me, which is the reason I put these two books on the top of my reading list.  Both of those books are over 1,000 pages each and it’s going to be a challenge for me to finish both within 6 weeks.  However, I’m always up for a challenge!  I need to set my mind to reading these two books, reading for a good amount of time each day.  One of my post grad goals was to read more and so far… I’ve only read 1 1/4 books in the past three months.  (I technically graduated in March).  Terrible, I know!  I know there are super readers out there who can read a book week and I totally commend you!


I know for a fact that I will get two of these goals done and I will try my hardest to strive for my last goal.  I think setting these weekly goals will help me in the long run, with productivity and just overall boosting my spirit.  I love when I accomplish things and it’s better to take things one at a time instead of thinking of the 204983240 things I want to do.  Obviously, it’s not going to be possible to get all those things done and to get them done with the best of my abilities.

Be sure to head over to The Nectar Collective to join this link up!  You’ll be able to meet new people, read their goals, as well as support and encourage them to achieve their goals.  It’s always easier to get your goals done when you have support :)


  1. als24

    Glad to see you joining the linkup! Isn’t it fun?! My goal was to read more too…even though I’m not doing too well at it so far! Good luck with your goals! Happy graduation! xx

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  2. Lou

    Good luck with your graduation & congrats ^.^
    I def need to increase my reading time, I’ve been slow boating with the same novel for about 2 months now!
    Lou x

    • markandmal

      Thank you! :) Good luck with reading! It is hard to get into the rhythm of reading sometimes, but you need to sit yourself down and start reading at times.

  3. Melyssa @ The Nectar Collective

    Ahh Mallory, reading this is giving me pure nostalgia, almost to the point where I want to cry! I’m so excited for your graduation and glad we can be alumni from the same university together. :) You will appreciate your time there even more once it passes. I hope you have a beautiful graduation! I also remember clearing out my room (I was an RA the year I graduated) and it was such a…sad…process. Like you, I left packing until the very last minute, but I think I realized it was because I didn’t want to leave or finalize my experience. And lastly…reading! My friend JUST told me that IQ84 is GREAT and it’s on my to-read list as well :) I’m glad you’re a Murakami fan! Also I just really like you in general :) I hope you can get to your goals and thank you soso much for sharing them in the linkup this week! It means so much to me that you participated.

    • markandmal

      Thank you so much! I can’t believe how unbelievable fast college went by! The ceremony went by even quicker and now I’m officially a college grad :) it finally started to hit me when I was sitting there.

      Awesome! you were an RA? For what hall? I love Murakami! He’s my favorite author. This is his third book that I’m reading. I love 1Q84, I have no idea what’s going to happen! Let me know when you read it, then we can discuss it :)

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