Concert Sundays

Hey this is Mark, and I’m posting an amazing experience I had last week. I went to watch a new band I started getting into and they’re called Chvrches. The venue was in a small tavern near San Diego called Belly up. When I walked in it was literally a small intimate space with a bar…and another bar…and next to the bathroom was another bar. Doors opened at 8:00pm and the show started at 9:00pm. My friend and I started gathering in the middle of the dance like disco stage waiting for the band to appear. The reason I said it was like a disco stage was because right above us was a cute little disco ball. When the first band appeared  the lights dimmed and the backdrop behind the drums began to show a movie from the 60s. Literally while they performed a silent movie in the background was playing. Then Chvrches came on. BTW both bands were from Scotland and they had pretty awesome accents, and since I was missing out Game of Thrones, their accent made up for it. Right after they came on you immediately feel their energy from the electropop vibe they give off.  I felt like one of the people in their music videos where everyone put on roller blades and just skated and danced. Here are some awesome pictures :) Enjoi

The entrance was tight
Chvrches 2

Below is them playing and telling a few jokes about how they did a cover of the theme song of Game of Thrones

Chvrches 3

The photo here is them in action. You can really tell they were into their craft.



Check out my previous posts about their songs here and here.

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