Porto’s Bakery

We visited Porto’s Bakery over the weekend and let me tell you, this is the best bakery I’ve been to so far in my life.  It’s beyond good.  Like heaven in bread form good.  Mark had never tried Porto’s until his roommate brought back some bread and he was hooked.  We made plans to stock up on cheese rolls for finals week, since we were (more like he was, since I don’t have finals!) going to need fuel.

There are three locations: Burbank, Glendale, and Downey.  We went to the location in Downey, since it’s the closest one to us, after our lunch.  Bakeries are some of my favorite places, so you wouldn’t believe how excited and happy I was once we stepped into the store.  Bread for days.

There are two different sides where you can order: the cafe and the bakery.  The first time I had ever tried Porto’s I ordered something from the cafe and I didn’t find it to live up to the hype.  Then I realized that I was supposed to order their baked goods!  I’m sure they have really delicious sandwiches and ordered something that was only okay.

Playing Candy Crush in line

Don’t let the long lines deter you!  It goes by really quickly.  They have come up with an efficient system that moves the line.  I think the only problem might be, if you don’t know what you want, you feel kind of rushed to order.  It’s also hard to look at all the bread because there are a lot of other people looking at the bread and trying to order.  Mark panicked and ended up ordering potato balls instead of cheese rolls because he couldn’t think of the name.  When we panic while ordering, we always end up ordering something that we didn’t want.  That is something we both need to work on…

What’s my recommendation?  The cheese rolls.  I’d order 50 if I could.  I just wouldn’t know what to do with all of them.  The cheese rolls are amazing sugary, cream cheesy goodness.  I don’t understand how bread could be so good!  Writing about this is making me crave the rolls again.  Good thing we have three more!

Please excuse my bread fangirling!  We also got a guava cheese roll, a popular item at Porto’s, apple strudels, and chocolate croissants which are extremely good.  If you love chocolate, I’d go for the croissants.

The bread is pretty inexpensive.  Most of the items are under $1.  I’d love to give you more recommendations, but these are the only breads I’ve tried so far.  There are so many different baked goods to choose from!  In the pictures above, those are only two sections out of about 6 or 7 sections of bread.  There’s A LOT of baked goods to choose from.  If you have the chance, you need to visit this bakery!  You won’t be disappointed!

A question for you: are there any foods that you can fangirl/fanboy about?  Off the top of my head for me are the cheese rolls and Bayou potatoes.


    • markandmal

      Thank you for the comment! :) Yes, this bakery is amazing. I wish that there were more bakeries around, but I guess it’s a good thing there aren’t because I’d buy all the bread!

      On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 6:00 PM, Sweet Smores

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