Weekly Wishes #2

I have lost track of the days!  For some reason I didn’t think that it was Monday.  I did have a very eventful weekend though, which is the reason why I was thrown off.  I’m officially a college graduate!  I will post more about it in a few days, once I gather all my pictures.  It’s finally hit me that I’m not in college anymore.  It’s time to go out in the world and do big and amazing things.

But before I do that, I think I deserve a little break.  I think all college grads deserve a little break, whether they’re actually going to do it or not.  We’ve been studying our butts off for the past 18 years and to immediately jump into 40 hour work weeks sounds a little tiring.  I’m not exactly jumping into the 40 hour work grind, but I am going to be doing something that I’ve dreamed about doing since the beginning of college (I still need to post about it!).  I’m not the person that wants to be stuck in a cubicle in front of a computer for 8 hours every day.  It may be for some some people, but it’s definitely not for me!  I want to do big things, make a difference, see the world in other ways than being stuck inside every day.  But like I said before, before I do that, I need a little break because I’M TIRED.  

Last week I joined The Nectar Collective’s Weekly Wishes link up and had fun writing my goals as well as reading other people’s weekly goals.  I decided to join again for the second time!  It truly helped me map out my goals for the week and have more motivation to strive for those goals.

For my weekly wish this week, I just want to slow down and relax a little.  My life, especially in the past two years, has been nonstop go, go, go. I’ve been busy with internships, jobs, research, and extra curricular activities, that I really never had a weekend or a true break.  I would like to take the time to stop and smell the flowers.  Not literally because flowers make my nose itchy, but I want to take the time to appreciate the little things in life.  Take the time to enjoy good company, to look around me and see how beautiful everything is and be grateful for the environment I live in.  Many people would love to live in Southern California and I’m lucky enough to have lived here my whole life.

I’m going to be leaving soon, which makes me want to enjoy my surroundings even more than ever.  I haven’t actively explored local sites and eateries and I’ve felt a big urge to do so since I’ve taken beautiful Southern California for granted.  My whole life, I’ve been less than 10 minutes away from the beach and I never go.  My mentality is, it’ll always be there.  No it won’t.  It won’t be there in a couple months.  There are a ton of amazing local eateries that I’ve only just begun to explore and I’m sad that I didn’t start sooner.  I would like to take Mark or any of my friends to these places to catch up, have great talks, and just be around great people.

This week, I would like to begin my mini travels around my home, exploring these eateries and sites at a calm pace.  I would like to sit down and read more (I made progress on 1Q84 the past week!  I’m slightly mind blown and confused at the same time), go try out that new acai bowl place, go to a coffee shop and have great conversations with people, and the list goes on and on.  Basically, I want to be surrounded by great people, great food, and great atmospheres.

I wish you all the best with your goals for the week!  And have a great week :)

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  1. Lara

    I love your goals, especially exploring new places to eat at a calm pace. Whenever I go somewhere new it’s usually with my boyfriend who is the worlds fastest eater and I always want to just stay and absorb the atmosphere. My new years resolution was to read more and while it was hard to get into at first, it’s definitely paying off. Now if I go too many days without reading, I actually miss it. Good luck with all of them!

    • markandmal

      My bf always eats really fast too so I feel rushed to finish, but we’ve both been trying relax. It’s been going well! Good luck with your goals!

    • markandmal

      I know right! I can’t believe how fast each day goes by. I always want more time to do this and I’m pretty sure the majority of people do too. It’s so hard to relax sometimes in this fast paced world. I hope you’re able to find a little bit of time for yourself to relax :)

      On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 4:50 AM, Sweet Smores

  2. Melyssa @ The Nectar Collective

    I love this Mallory! I totally understand the need to stop and smell the flowers (I loved your itchy nose part…cute). I hope you get to see and do everything you have your heart set on before leaving! Like you, I was always 10 minutes from the beach and never went. Now I don’t even know where any beaches are haha.
    I’m really glad to hear that linking up last week helped you meet your goals. It’s so nice to have you join us again. :)

    • markandmal

      Haha thanks! I was able to make a trip to the beach the day after I wrote the post :) It was really relaxing. I’m having a lot of fun joining in with the link up. I hope you will continue it for a long time!

      On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 6:25 AM, Sweet Smores

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