Relaxing to the Max: Accomplishing My Weekly Wishes

I recently wrote a Weekly Wishes post about how my goal for the week was to slow down, relax, and enjoy everything around me.  I’m happy to say that I have been enjoying my week so far.  I really wanted to enjoy my first week after graduation, because from today until Sunday will a nonstop, tiring weekend.  I am going to a retreat for the organization I was in to transition our new board members.  On top of that, I have orientation for that something something (I’ve been working on a post to reveal this something something so be on the look out for that!) I’ve been talking about for awhile.  I’m going to be so exhausted, but it doesn’t end there!  On Monday, Mark, me, and our friends are off to VEGAS!  I’m so excited.  I finally get to do the 21 year old thing that everyone does here.

Viva Las Vegas!

On Monday, Mark and I tried a breakfast place that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time and it was delicious!  It’s a Hawaiian restaurant and had a lot of options for breakfast and for lunch.  We decided to eat breakfast for lunch before heading off to the beach.  Doesn’t it look amazing?

We were then off to the beach!  As I said in my Weekly Wishes post, I live near the beach and hardly ever go because of my mindset: it’ll always be there.  I want to go to the beach a bunch of times in the month I have here, because I know for sure I’ll miss it.  As Mark, felt the waves, I read 1Q84 and ahhh!  Things are finally intertwining!  I still have 550 more pages to find out what’s going to happen.

I finally got to try the new acai bowl place near my house and lets just say, I’m addicted.  I’ve already gone twice this week.  It’s so delicious and refreshing, with the perfect amount of sweetness.  I’ll be going here a bunch of times before the end of summer!

We ended our day with eating Thai food and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  What could be better to end this relaxing day?


  1. Anika Tomislavova

    Thanks for your comment!
    Congrats for graduation! So glad to hear that you managed to do all your goals, I’m still working on my own (it takes more than a week to do it all). This Hawaiian food looks sooooooo delicious, hope it tastes like that. Do you have a recipe maybe :) ? Oh, and enjoy on the beach as much as you can, I’m living in the city in continental part of country, so I can’t enjoy on the beach, but would really like to. Have some sunbath or swim in the ocean for me!


    • markandmal

      Thank you! I wish I had a recipe for the french toast! It was so delicious! If I ever find one, I will try it out and let you know if it was any good :) I will definitely sunbathe and swim for you. I’ve been missing out for all these years.

      On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 2:11 PM, Sweet Smores

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