I Believe…

I was inspired by Anika’s “I Believe” post and challenged myself to think about my beliefs and gather them in one area.  In reality, it’s not possible for me to put all my beliefs down all at once because there are so many things I believe in.  I’m not just talking about religion, because there are so many different things you can believe in throughout your daily life.  I think it’s important to believe in yourself.  Believing in yourself can help you go a long way.  Without the belief in yourself, you may not even be able to make the first step in making changes whether to yourself or in your community.

I’ve decided to narrow down my beliefs to what I’ve come to think about in the past four years.  My perceptions of people and life have changed so much throughout college and I’m glad it has.  I’ve opened my eyes to so many new ways of thinking, I’ve learned a lot about dealing with and talking to people, and I’ve been able to figure out a little more about myself.


  • in love.  Love exists and it’s absolutely beautiful to be truly in love.
  • in fate.  Some things happen for a reason.  It’s crazy how some random events lead to some of the most  amazing parts of your life.
  • in giving people second, third, fourth… chances.  Sometimes it takes several screw ups for people to learn from their mistakes.
  • in the beauty of the world.  The world is a beautiful place and I can’t wait to explore it.
  • that everyone has potential to do great things.  It’s up the the individual to work hard towards those things.
  • I have the ability to make a difference in my community.
  • we all have more capabilities than we believe.
  • in continuously finding ways to learn.  The learning new things should never end.  There is so much information out there waiting to be learned or discovered.
  • in surrounding with yourself with friends that are a positive influence in your life, that help you in times of need and motivate you to do great things. People who are negative influences don’t deserve to be friends with you.
  • in being close with your family.  When I was younger, I never appreciated how my family and I were always together, but now that I’m moving away, I’m going to miss all our family time.  They’ve been the biggest supporters in my life.
  • in myself.


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