The 411 on the Donuts

The first picture we took together as a couple :)

Okay, not real donuts, but people have referred to Mark and me as the Donut Couple.  Long story short, there’s a donut shop near Disneyland called M&M Donuts (which has amazing donuts by the way, but you have to wait hours for them…), which as you can see, fits our names.  Thus the beginning of the Donut Couple.

Since a few more people seem to be viewing our blog more often these days (okay, I’m pretty sure it’s like one more person, but still, it’s one more awesome person!), I thought that we’d list some random facts about ourselves so people can get to know us a little more.


  • I’ve had my personal twitter since high school.  This was even before Twitter became super popular.
  • I did ballet for 14 years.
  • I love kpop (I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this a couple times already).
  • The first time I’ve ever painted my fingernails was about a month ago.
  • I try to eat healthy, but I love dessert.
  • I named my car, but I don’t even know how to spell his name (Joe-zay-uh –> Josiah?)
  • I wish I could do backhand springs.  I think it’s like the coolest thing ever.
  • I’ve seen snow fall once in my life.  I’ll be seeing more of that in the near future though.
  • I hate balloons.
  • I’m a night owl.  I hate waking up early in the morning.

  • I love fried chicken. Probably my favorite food ever!
  • I lived in the Philippines, Japan, Canada, and the United States.
  • I have 2 older sisters, 2 younger brothers, one older step sister, one younger step sister, and one younger step brother who I love.
  • I am 22 and I’m scared to drive.
  • I hate waking up in the morning also, I like living in my comfortable but yet small bed.
  • Recently I found out Blackjack is a very fun game.
  • I like going on food adventures with Mallory trying out different and exotic foods.
  • My family raised me to be a die hard Los Angeles Lakers fan.
  • When I was a kid, for some reason I craved to live in Boston.
  • When I was in middle school I fell in love with the book called Black Boy and because of that in help me pursue a history major and in turn motivated me to pursue a career in law.

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