Happy 4th of July! I feel like 4th of July is a day of inspiration, all of the lights, all of the clamor, all of the magical moments you can make with your friends and family. Today I wanted to talk about what inspires me. What inspires me is a person I’ve known for almost 2 years. She has helped me find a home, a true home from a clouded and confusing life. I met her one day in class, and she came up to me and said “Have you been to Disneyland?” I replied “I have not.” With those little exchanges we had sparked a relationship I felt to be true love. It is true love. Everyday from that day, every part of my organ and muscles tingled and still tingling with excitement. I have grown a lot as a person. She had taught me to be patient and understanding. She made me a man who is looked upon with respect, and a little boy who didn’t know cute things can come out of his mouth. I’m expressing this because she is going to go to Japan soon, and I am so proud of her. I’m trying to make everyday count. As I type this message, you have no idea how hard it is for me to write this without tearing up. I’m pretty much stopping and starting with every sentence because I don’t want my roommate to see me cry. But I love you Mallory. I will do anything for you. This is a reminder for me to keep being inspired to be better. Work hard for us. This is a message to all you lovebirds. Love is true, and I never understood it before. If you are not with anyone, well you will one day. Just remember I was an ugly guy who was lucky enough to sit next to someone so caring by chance (faith).

– Mark



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