A Tale of an Angsty Teen Kitty


Once upon a time, there was a teenage kitty named Simba.  He was very rebellious and ignores his parents a lot.  One day, Simba’s parents brought some delicious looking cupcakes home.



He really wanted to eat some.  They just looked so tasty!

kitten and cupcakes

But for some reason, his parents wouldn’t let him eat any!  Simba just wanted a bite!


Simba was mad at his parents.  He didn’t want to be with them.


“Don’t look at me!” Simba said.


“Don’t talk to me!”


Then Simba’s Daddy called out to him and held out his hand.  Simba was really excited.  Maybe they’re giving me cupcakes now!  He thought.  Simba went over to his Daddy’s hand and found… NOTHING.  Not even a lick of frosting!


He was even angrier than before and went to go sit off on his own.


His mommy called out to him so they could talk, but he refused to talk to her.


He didn’t care.  He just wanted cupcakes.  CUPCAKES!

His mommy didn’t know what to do.  She couldn’t give him cupcakes.  The best thing for now was to leave him and wait for cutie Simba to come back.


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