Top of the World

Hiking in Orange County

One of my goals throughout the summer has been to appreciate and enjoy my surroundings.  I’ve been living here my entire life and I’ve hardly ever taken the chance to take in how awesome and beautiful it is here.  We have the beach to the west, the mountains to the east, and big cities to the north and south.  We’re surrounded by so many different things to do and this summer was the time to get off my butt and explore.  Mark and I went on a hike, near where we live, and we were able to see all of Orange County spread out below us.  Great views and great company made for an awesome day.

Hiking in Orange County

Hiking in the OC

Hiking in the OC Hiking in Orange County

Hiking in the OC

It’s moments like these that reaffirm how much I love being with Mark, exploring new places.  It’s so much fun having someone you love being around: to talk about anything, enjoy beautiful sights, and be able to take in these precious moments.

It’s crazy how quickly a month has flown by.  Sometimes I find myself wishing that I had more time here and that I could just postpone my move.  Sometimes I feel like I’m not ready to leave, I’m not ready to go out there in the “real world,” to work, to make money, to file taxes, to live on my own, and not just live on my own… live on my own in another country.  But I wouldn’t want to have any other guy than the one you see in those pictures to be by my side throughout this journey.  I’ve never met another person that I could be so comfortable around and could share even my deepest thoughts and worries.  I never knew some guy could love this awkward, quiet girl, and I’m truly the happiest when I’m around him.

Hiking in the OC

I’m so happy to know that he supports me in everything I do.  Even though this move will be really tough on the both of us, I know that our goals are the same.  We know what to look forward to and we just have to be patient.  As much as I want him in Japan, with me, right when I get there, I know it won’t happen for a while.  I know, there’s more to this world than the instant gratification that everyone seeks.  We all want our texts and emails to come faster, our downloads to finish faster.  We’re always connected 24/7 and there’s hardly any waiting in this world.  I’m a victim to this.  We all are.  But, I know that in our situation, I need to look past that.  I can’t expect it his move to happen instantaneously.  If I keep thinking that, it’ll keep making me sad if with each passing day, he’s not in Japan with me.  However, I’m a very patient person and I’m so grateful that I am.  I know this will take time and there’s a reason for that.  Maybe I don’t know why now, but I will later.  After we both grow as people and as a couple, we’ll be together in Japan and we’ll know why we had to go through this challenge.  I need to keep thinking more positively and look towards the future and that goal we have.  I always need to keep our goals in mind, because we’re here to work hard for each other.  I can’t wait until we have the opportunities to travel together, eat amazing food together, make weird faces at each other, and the list goes on and on.  And I know it’ll happen.

So I’m currently typing this at 1:55 am and what was to be a post about having an awesome hike we had together has turned into a flow of thoughts and emotions.  I was totally not expecting that.  Whew!  What the wee hours of the night can do to you!



  1. Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    What a blessing to have such patience! I wish I had even an ounce of it in me ;) You’re right, the waiting will be tough but worth it. You both are so lucky to have each other, and even distance can’t change that. I’m glad you were able to explore a bit of your area and enjoy a hike together! Always a fun way to spend the time :)

  2. Erika

    I really appreciate this so much! How wonderful that you’ve found someone so great, who encourages your dreams — even if they mean a little distance and a bit more hard work! :) He’s a keeper, haha!

    And also, sometimes it takes going away (or getting ready to go away) to really appreciate where we’re at. I always forget that I come from a really phenomenal part of the world and that is desired by so many different people. Helps to put things in perspective, for sure.

    Also, being patient is such a wonderful thing!!!! I am working on that myself… I’m too into instant gratification. But things that are worth waiting for are, well, worth waiting for! :)

    • Mallory

      I’ve lived by the beach my entire life, yet I hardly ever go because my mentality was, “It’s always going to be there.” It wasn’t until this summer I was like, I need to go because it WON’T always be there. It’s sad, because our society made us this way, but instant gratification is definitely a hurdle. Like you said, the things that are worth waiting for are worth it! I need to always keep that in mind. And yes, he’s a keeper :)

      • Erika

        Yes, same here! It wasn’t until I moved to Michigan that I really appreciated the warm weather of California and being so close to all of those things. I thought the same thing about the beach. When you get it all the time, you really do kinda take it for granted…

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