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milk + crown caron necklace

Last week, Mark purchased the Caron necklace from Kristyn’s milk + crown jewelry store as a surprise gift to me.  It didn’t turn out so much as a surprise, because he ended up having trouble figuring out Etsy and how to pay, so I ended up helping him.  Silly boy!  But it was a surprise that he remembered that I showed him that necklace!  I’m in love with it.  The necklace is so cute and classy.

The Caron necklace is the signature piece of the milk + crown store, resembling a milk crown.  It’s very elegant and adds class to any outfit.

milk + crown

I would highly recommend you visit milk + crown and browse jewelry, because I’m sure you’ll find something that you love!  Each piece of jewelry is so beautiful and I love looking through the pictures.  I was excited to have another piece of handmade jewelry added to my collection because I love supporting these artists.

Caron necklace

Written by Mark: This was the very first time I bought a necklace for my girlfriend. The jewelry I bought was a simple take in elegance if that’s how I can explain it. I bought it because Mallory talked about it in passing. I can never surprise her, she always finds out or I’m just too excited so I tell her. But when I finally got her this, I was happy because I wanted to get her something she will remember me by when she goes to Japan. I love her so much.

Caron necklace

We hope you’re having a great weekend!

milk + crown



  1. Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    thanks for the feature Mallory! so happy you are enjoying the little necklace :) so pretty on you!

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