Japan Photo Challenge

I’ve decided that I want to do a photo challenge when I move to Japan and I need your help!  When I studied abroad in Seoul, I got the idea from my friend, who did photo challenges when she went to Italy, to do photo challenges in Korea.  Now I need you to challenge me.  Can I find your challenge and snap a picture of it?

What are photo challenges?
Basically they are anything you tell me to take pictures of!  I do have some guidelines though: 1) it must not be impossible, ie. take a picture with Miura Haruma.  That is pretty much impossible, unless I somehow run into him and I’m allowed to take a picture of him.  If you have no idea who that is, just know that it’ll be impossible for me to take a picture with him.  2) the challenge must not be creepy.  No taking pictures of babies in strollers or peeping into people’s windows, anything crazy and creepy like that.  Those are the two things to keep in mind when you think of your challenges!  If I deem any of the challenges inappropriate, I won’t do them.  Since it is a challenge, don’t be afraid to make it difficult (but not too difficult, ah!).

Here are some examples from my Korea photo challenge:

Take a picture of Starbucks written in Hangul.

Starbucks in Hangul

I thought this was going to be easy, but it ended up being really hard to find Starbucks written in Hangul.  Apparently there are only one or two stores written in Hangul in Seoul and I happened to see this Starbucks when we were walking around.

Take a picture of any funny sign.



There are tons of mistranslated signs in Korea and here are a few I saw.  I’m not really sure what don’t bet on a hanger means… I saw it on the ceiling of my hotel room.  Maybe, you’re not supposed to hang anything from there?  Well, at least the second one makes more sense.


Fun right?!  Hopefully it’s fun for you too!  If you think of any challenges for me, email me at mallory [at] sweetsmores [dot] com, tweet me @_sweetsmores, or leave your challenge in the comments below.  I will have a ton of fun doing these :)

Here is a list of the challenges I’ve received so far:

  1. Take a picture every time I see a girl dressed in “Lolita” style
  2. Take a picture of every meal I eat
  3. Pictures of all the temples I visit
  4. Cat Street in Harajuku
  5. H Naoto Store (sell goth, Lolita clothes)
  6. Super Junior ad
  7. A Harajuku Fashion Walk (updates are found in TokyoFashion)
  8. Gundam in Odaiba
  9. Mt. Fuju
  10. Take a picture of knockoffs
  11. Dress up in cosplay and take a picture with the other cosplayers
  12. 1,000 paper cranes
  13. Cherry blossoms
  14. Anything gold
  15. Engrish signs
  16. Hottest food
  17. Oddest food
  18. Favorite food
  19. Food that is red
  20. Strange fruit or veggie
  21. Biggest dessert
  22. One thing from each color of the rainbow

I hope you send me some challenges!  If you don’t, that’s totally fine, but I hope you check in to see if I complete my challenges.   I would also appreciate it if you helped spread the word :)  The more I have on my list, the better!



  1. Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    What a cool idea! It will definitely keep you exploring :)

    Hmm….I challenge you to take 1,000 photos of paper cranes over the next year. On billboards, signs, actual paper ones, real life cranes, on clothes, anything! (because I read a book that told me 1,000 paper cranes are good luck?)

    If that seems like a lot of work (haha!), take a photo of cherry blossom trees!

    Am I showing that I don’t know a lot about Japan? I had a Japanese exchange student when I was younger, I feel like I should know more….ah, well :)

    • Mallory

      Oh boy! 1,000 is a lot, but I will try haha! I’ll be interesting to see what types of cranes I come across and where. And yes! Cherry blossoms for sure :) It’s one of the top things I want to see there. I will be on the look out.

      Haha, it’s totally fine! :)

  2. Amber

    This is so creative! I challenge you find as much gold as you can and photograph it. It can be anywhere – fashion, architecture, interiors, if you see gold, snap a shot :)

  3. FoundLove_Blog

    I love this!! I am really interested in food: hottest food, oddest food, fave food, food which is red, strange fruit or veggie, biggest dessert {Neal’s suggestion}!

    Plus, along with Amber, I would love to see a whole spectrum of colors. Can you get a pick of one thing from each color of the rainbow?

    • Mallory

      I love food! This will be a fun one. And I love the color idea too! I’ll be really interesting to see what things are the colors of the rainbow (especially purple. I can’t think of anything that’s purple). Thanks for participating Belinda :) and Neal too!

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