A Gift from Texas: The Snail Mail Collective

Snail Mail Collective

I joined the Snail Mail Collective hosted by Melyssa and Chelsea earlier this month and was paired up with Bea from Texas.  Coincidentally, we already knew each other, but we were still happy that we were paired together!  We met a year or two ago (I can’t remember!  Time flies!) through Tumblr, having similar interests in kpop.  We became friends talking through Twitter, but thanks to SMC, we’ve taken our relationship to the next level.  Emailing, haha!  Bea is super sweet and we have a lot in common.  We got to know each other a little more and we will continue on emailing and tweeting each other :)

She sent me cute trinkets from Houston and a lovely postcard.  I’ve been collecting postcards since I was young, so it is a great addition to my collection.  The SMC is such a great idea and I’m happy that I’m apart of it!  It really helps you to get to know others better and get a glimpse into other people’s lives in different areas from your own.

Snail Mail Collective



  1. Sandra Dötsch

    I love Texas!! One of my travel dreams to visit this place one day!!
    I think I am going to take part in it next time, too^^

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