Bon Voyage!

Japanese booksAnd I’m off!  The day is finally here.  HOLY COW AND POTATOES.  My flight leaves at 3:45 pm today and I’ll be arriving in Japan on Sunday at who knows what time.  The next time I’ll talk to you, I’ll be there.  There will become here and here will become there.    I have no idea why I’m trying to be all philosophical right now, but it’ll talk (or type?) to you later!  Unless you talk to me on Twitter, I’ll occasionally be checking it until I leave.  I’m pretty sure I’m totally freaking out right now (yes, this is a scheduled post haha).

Travel I’ve scheduled a few posts for the next week so be on the lookout for those.  They have nothing to do with moving or Japan, but they’re fun little posts that I’ll like to come back to and read.  My next Dear Diary post will come out.  Yay for more embarrassing teenage moments!  On Tuesday, Mark will be posting another song for Tune in Tuesday adding onto his playlist!  I hope you enjoy it!

FlowersBe sure to also check out my Japan Photo Challenge and leave a comment!  I currently have 14 challenges.  I’m still looking for more and would love for you to participate :)



    • Mallory

      I still can’t believe I’m in Japan! I finally stepped out of my hotel today and it was so weird to think that I was in a different country. I still feel like I’m going home in a week or two.

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