Dear Diary, Lets talk about boys like always.

Dear DiaryI posted Dear Diary [Part 1] and people seemed to get a kick out of my weird, creepy teenage self, so I decided to find some awesome (more like embarrassing) segments from “The Notebook.”  (I’m sad that my comments didn’t transfer over from my old website, but I swear!  People did say they were the same when they were teenagers!).  Like I said last time, I was pretty boy crazy, buuuut I was really quiet so there was no way in the world that I was going to ever talk to any of them.  My friend and I wrote to each other in a notebook about our feelings and spazzed over guys.

What’s in store for today?  Me trying to show off.

When I was walking up the ramp thing, talking to you, he looked at me again!  I can feel the connection!  OMG I should totally do my ballet talk in front of him.  Like telling someone the steps.  He’d be so amazed and confused, haha.

Yep, that’s what I considered flirting and making myself look extra cool.  I was totally a cool kid.  Not.  Really.

I’m on again and I think I found my tennis outfit, well the shirt at least.  It’s a Le Tigre polo shirt.  I don’t know whether or not to get it in brown or navy.

Okay, I have no idea why I’m talking about tennis outfits… I don’t even like playing tennis… Hmm.  This is a mystery I need to figure out.  I’m going to guess that one of my made-up dates was to do go on a tennis date.  I’m a weirdo.

I should have looked at his pupils.  Too bad his eyes are a little too dark to see from a distance.

Uhhhhh……. What.

Why am I looking into guys’ pupils?  And thinking about playing tennis?  I really have no idea.  Detective Mallory needs to figure this out!  I don’t get my teenage self anymore, but I’m pretty sure no one understands their teenage selves.  Those years are hilarious and so awkward, no matter how cool you were.  Even now, when I see teenagers hanging out with each other, I can’t help but to laugh a little.  Sometimes they try a little TOO hard to be cool.  I mean.  Come on, to be cool, you need to be staring into guys’ pupils.  (Okay, not really.  Don’t listen to me).

Since I lost the comments from my previous Dear Diary post, I’m going to ask again: What kind of weird things did you do when you were a teen with a crush?  Do you remember saying or thinking anything weird?


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