A Week in Review


As you may know, I moved to Japan on last Saturday and it has been one crazy week.  I’m exhausted and still a bit jet lagged so I’m attempting to rest this weekend, but there are a ton of things lined up!  I’m played volleyball with my co-workers today (it was a ton of fun!) and there’s a festival in another city on Sunday.  I feel like I’m going to be busy every single day for the rest of the month!  Not that I’m complaining or anything, this is what I came here for!  Adventure, fun, and learning.  Although, a girl needs her rest sometimes.

ALSO!  I’m super excited because my new blog design is up!!!!  Do you like it?!  I’m totally in love with it!  This wonderful design is made by Melyssa at Bumble and Buzz Designs.  Definitely be sure to check out her design site if you’re looking to invest in a new blog design!  I’m in the process of changing some of the pages, so please bear with me while I do this!  Wow, this section had a ton of exclamation points.  Yes, I’m that excited!!!  I’m really happy to finally have a brand and I’m even more motivated now to grow my blog.

However, it hasn’t been all smiles and laughs, it’s been tough being so far away from home.  I feel like crying (or I do end up crying) when I talk to Mark about being here.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it so far, but we had originally planned to be here together from the start.  Of course, life isn’t fair, so I’m here first.  I want nothing more than for him to be here with me, experiencing the same things I’m going through.  He’s my travel buddy, my cooking buddy, my grocery shopping buddy… my everything buddy.  I’m looking forward to the day when we get to both be here.  I need to continue being positive and know that it will work out in the end.

Baby Simba

Over the past week, I scheduled posts so I would be able to come back to them and hopefully they would put a smile on my face when I saw them.  They did.  Lets look at a week (and a few days) in review:

My Thoughts on Living in Japan – Before I left, there were so many thoughts and worries running through my head!  So far, I’ve been okay, just taking it one day at a time.  At the end of my first year here, I would like to do a compare and contrast to see how I fared and if any random things came up that I wasn’t expecting while living here.

Beat the Summer Heat – I miss this little crazy cat.  My parents showed me him when we Skyped, and he totally was giving me attitude.  I don’t think so little son!

Bon Voyage – And I moved to Japan last Saturday!  A huge life change, I think.

Dear Diary – I’m letting you read my diary because I’m so nice.  Get a glimpse into my teenage life.

My First Week in Japan – Read all about the crazy week I’ve been having.  It’s been a week and soooo many things have happened already!!!!

Japan Photo Challenge – If you haven’t check it out already, be sure to stop by my Japan Photo Challenge post.  I’m taking on photo challenges while I’m here in Japan!  I already got one done while I was in Shinjuku, Tokyo so you’ll be able to see what this is all about!  If you think of something, be sure to send me a challenge.



Also, check out my friend Kristyn’s project!  She is raising money for a group called The Mocha Club, that will provide clean water for ten orphans.  She is looking to sell 30 jewelry by September 1st in order to raise funds for this project.  Go to her shop, Milk + Crown, and browse through all the beautiful jewelry.  I’m sure you’ll find something that you like!  Mark bought a necklace for me from her shop last month and I love it.  Help Kristyn out by purchasing jewelry or by spreading the word!



  1. Erika

    I do love the new design, Mallory! And I’m so glad you’re having a great time! I think staying busy is good — helps with adjusting and not thinking too much about home… :) But I can see why you’re torn! I hope Mark gets to join you soon!!! :)

    • Mallory

      Thanks so much! I told myself to keep myself busy, because sitting around too much will probably make me restless and think more about things. It’s only been a week so hopefully the activities don’t stop any time soon! I hope he gets to join me soon. That’ll make me one happy kitty!

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