Bye Bye Irvine

Hi guys, it’s Mark! I haven’t posted anything new in a while, and it is sad that I haven’t posted any new music too. I’ve been caught busy with moving out of my beloved apartment in Irvine because college is finally over. A lot of emotions have happened these past few weeks and I have been wanting to share them with you. Last week after living in my apartment for two years, I finally said bye to one of my closest friend. We spent our last few days enjoying each others company and laughs by hosting a LAN Party. For those nerds out there, a LAN Party is when you have all your friends bring their computer and we play video games.

Nerding Out

Nerding Out

I think Mallory likes this part of myself, I think she likes the nerd side of me. I still question it, if she really does haha. But yes we had plenty of chips and food. We stayed up till the early morning. However when the time came to head to the airport, I felt indifferent or it hadn’t hit me yet. One of my best friend Mitch drove me to the airport, and I was accompanied by my roommates. When we finally stopped the car, I kid you not, a couple of grown men started crying, especially me. Mitch told me afterwards through text that seeing me leave was seeing an end of a fun era in college. We all hugged one another and said goodbye. But I will never forget this day because I have never seen my friend cry and be sad. Flying to my hometown, I just thought about my freshmen year in UCI. Plenty of laughs, lots of late nights, pranks done with each other. I love where I came from and I’m lucky enough to be a part of it. But now it’s a new chapter of my life. I will see them again.

4 Years in the Making

4 Years in the Making




  1. Erika

    Leaving school — that environment, your friends, all of it — is so difficult! And crying at the end is just an indication that you really had a great time and invested in the experience. Best wishes as you navigate your life post-college! :)

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