My First Summer Festival: Yokkaichi

I went to my first summer festival on August 3rd, in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture’s largest city.  It’s summer festival time, so there are festivals all over Japan.  My city will have its Obon festival in a few weeks.  Ah I’m excited!  I’ve always wanted to go to one.

Yokkaichi Summer Festival

Yokkaichi Summer Festival

Yokkaichi Summer Festival

Yokkaichi Summer Festival

There were a ton of stalls selling street food: a lot of yakisoba, gyoza, fruit, shaved ice, and more.  There were also a ton of taiko performances going around the city, so it was nice to stop by and watch the groups perform.  It was a fun atmosphere that’s similar to fairs back at home.  We walked around, checked out the food and taiko performances.  That clown looking thing you see above is Yokkaichi’s mascot.  Each city here has a mascot to help define their city (ours is a deer).  Most cities have a super cute mascot, but… yeah.  It was kind of creeped out, but!  I’m sure that ghost (it’s a ghost) has a huge significance to the people of Yokkaichi.

I’m sooo glad that the festival was under a covering (I can’t think of what it’s called right now… Someone help me!  Awning?) because it’s super hot and humid here and it’s only getting hotter.  The cover provided a tiny bit of relief from the sun and it wasn’t unbearable to walk around.

I had a fun time here and this was a good introduction to all the festivals Japan has to offer.



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