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Komono, Mie

Komono, Mie

Komono, Mie

Komono, Mie

Komono, Mie

Komono, Mie

This has been my home for two weeks.  I live in a town with about 40,000 residents.  The majority of this town is made up of rice fields and mountains.  However, I live right off the main road, which a lot of shops and restaurants.  It’s really convenient since I don’t have to walk very far to get to the market, the train station, or to the town hall.

This week, I walked to a park next to the town hall, where I’ve been working.  I crossed the bridge over a non-existent river to the park.  The library (where I’ll definitely find myself studying someday soon!) and this park are next to the town hall.  There are some onsens (hot springs) right in my city, located next to this park.  I wouldn’t be able to take pictures of that onsen (nakedness everywhere!), but in the middle of this park is a foot onsen.  People dip their feet into the water and relax.   This area is really nice and peaceful to be in.



  1. Erika

    It’s going to be crazy when this place is as familiar as the back of your hand. :) AHHHH I say it every time but I am so excited for you!

    • Mallory

      Thank you! I know right! There is still a lot I have to explore even in this small city. I really wanted to take pictures of the rice paddies with the mountains in the background, buuuuuuut yeah, I was having bike trouble. I hope I get to go out there soon!

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