Weekly Wishes #7

Japanese Curry

This week’s Weekly Wishes doesn’t need a fancy graphic, because CURRY.  CURRY ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

Before I get ahead of myself, last week my goals were to make progress on my yearlong goals, to go out and explore my town more, and to eat alone.  I’m happy to say that I was successful on all my goals!  I studied a lot of grammar and vocabulary words throughout the week, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to review over the weekend.  I’ll have to do a little reviewing tomorrow before I continue on in my book.  I’ve learned some words just by listening to my co-workers, so I think over time I’ll pick up a lot from them.  I know they really want me to learn quickly, so I’m feeling a little bit of pressure to study harder.

I went out and explored an area right next to our town hall.  It was a nice and peaceful park, and I will definitely be going back there soon.  The library and a foot onsen are there!  The library is a perfect place to go and study and cool down.  When it gets cooler, it’ll be really nice to dip my feet in after work.  And lastly!  Be proud of me!  I did it.  I ate by myself.  If you read my post last week, I was freaking out about looking like a total loser if I ate by myself.  I was craving curry yesterday and I was like, “You know what, Mallory?  Suck it up and just go eat your curry because you’ve been craving it since you got here!”  So I did.  I walked a mile to eat curry and it was totally worth it.  Eating by myself wasn’t that bad.  There were a lot of other people eating by themselves (a lot of middle aged men…).  But I could get used to it because I WANT MORE CURRY.

Okay, enough about the curry talk.  What are my goals for this week?

Weekly Wishes

This week, I will continue to learn more Japanese, improving little by little, each and everyday.  Yes, I do feel pressured, but I need to keep pushing through and keep motivating myself.  I will start by trying to find a conversation partner, so that it’ll be easy to spark up any random conversation I can talk about rather than trying to talk to my co-workers.  Another thing I need to work on is to answer in complete sentences.  I usually end up answering with one or two words because I’m quickly searching for grammar rules in my brain and can’t figure them out.  The more I try to use the grammar, the better I’ll get at speaking.

I also need to clean my apartment and unpack.  This is my third week here and half of my clothes are still in my luggage.  My floor is gross and some of my plates, for some reason, are really oily…  I need to find some time to do this though.  I’m going to be busy this whole weekend, so I may be spending my Friday night cleaning.  Yay!

And my last goal for the week is to start managing my time better.  After I got home from my orientation, I wanted to do so many things and could have probably accomplished them all if I had stayed focused and didn’t procrastinate.  I ended up getting only one thing done (which was writing this post), but I also wanted to study Japanese and watch my drama.  I ended up spending three hours online surfing the web and talking to my friend.  Kind of, sort of productive, but I didn’t get my study time in for today.  Ah!  I’ve never been the best at managing my time, but now when I have a ton of time after work, I need to start making good use of it.

I hope you all have a great and productive weekend!



  1. ThePinkHerbivore

    Oh, man! I know how you feel about the need to get down and study. I spent 6 weeks in Mexico and the second I got there I realized how much studying I really needed to do. But you can do it! It’s soo much easier to learn when you are around it and when you need to use it. I don’t know how it is in Japan, but in Mexico I had to figure out how to speak if I wanted to get around at all.
    Btw, you are totally living my dream. ;) I’m pursuing my degree in education right now and am hoping to teach in Japan ASAP after graduation. It’s so cool to see someone else doing that! What grade are you teaching? I would love to hear more about it!
    Good luck with all your goals! I’m sure you can do it. =]

    • Mallory

      Sometimes I panic and I just nod when people at stores are trying to talk to me. I need to stop doing that and figure out how to say plastic bag! I live in a rural area so many people don’t really know English. I can get around just fine since most things are written in Romanji (the English letters), but communicating with people is a totally different story.

      Awesome! I hope you get to come out here! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer them :) I’ll be teaching junior high and elementary school! They’re on summer vacation right now so I haven’t actually gotten the chance to teach yet, but in a few more weeks I’ll finally get to start. I’m really excited!

  2. Erika

    Haha, we are sooooo alike (with the unpacking thing. Um, I still haven’t fully unpacked from California… this post reminds me… haha)

    About last week: WOOOOHOOO FOR EATING ALONE! And that curry looks so good! I’m proud of you!

    And about the language thing: I’d say, maybe don’t get so caught up on the grammar. It keeps you from speaking… I think the most important thing is to learn a bunch of vocab and the grammar will come eventually. But if you don’t know the words for things, you won’t be able to say them anyway, so I think vocab is #1. And I like your idea for finding a language partner — someone you can talk to without feeling so embarrassed or anything (I feel embarrassed when I speak another language). And also, try looking online, too? Maybe find some fun Japanese blogs? Or someone online to talk with? That could be cool?


    • Mallory

      It’s confirmed that we’re basically the same people haha!

      Yes! Eating alone was a success! I’m so proud of myself. I was like, “I need to make those people online proud!” haha

      You’re totally right. I was watching my drama just now and I don’t know pretty much any of the words they were saying. I’ve come to realize that vocab is really the most important thing and the grammar will follow. If I don’t know many words, how in the world will I be able to talk about what I want to talk about?! My new focus is now vocab, vocab, vocab. I always feel embarrassed when I talk to people in another language, even if they’re English speakers learning with me too. I feel so dumb :( Today they gave us some resources for Japanese so I’ll look them up and see what I like! I heard lang8 is pretty helpful, but I want to practice my speaking.

  3. Courtney Fraley

    Oh, the joys of learning another language. I am in the process of becoming fluent in Spanish. Having a conversation partner is one of the best ways to practice your language skills. Good luck with your wishes this week!
    Passionately Curious

  4. Crystal Turpin

    Awesome work on your goals and heck yes to eating by yourself. I used to do it all the time in Korea because the hunger must be fed!

    Yes, learn as much Japanese as possible because when I really got into my Korean studies my time in Korea was more enjoyable. Have you thought of using Meetup.com to find a language group?

    • Mallory

      Yes! My hunger must be fed. Cooking is way too hot sometimes and I feel like my cooking has become very limited since I got here. I need to figure out different spices and sauces to make.

      I will definitely check out that site! Thank you so much for that!

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