A Three Month Break From My Life

If I could take a three month break from my life and do anything in the world, what would I do?  Easy.  Travel.  As of right now, I feel like I’m one giant travel adventure, being an expat in Japan.  I’m always doing and learning new things.  I’m always faced with cultural differences as well as similarities.  It’s amazing.  I love it and I can’t get enough of it.  However, I’m sure there will be a point when this life will become comfortable.  This place will become a place I call home and my wanderlust will be on overdrive.  I will feel the need to escape.


The first places I would visit are right outside my city.  There are so many places in my prefecture and in Japan that I want to visit and I somehow need to find the time (and money) to go and experience all those places.  Not only did I come here to gain experience teaching, I also came here to tour this country.  Japan is a BEAUTIFUL country and I’ve only scratched the surface visiting places here.  My goal one day is to visit every prefecture in this country.  There are forty-seven of them and I’ve been to about five.


If I had to take a break from this life, I would also like to branch out to other countries.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about life after teaching English, even though it just started.  I feel that it is good to keep your mind and options open to other opportunities that come up.  An idea that came up was to take time off to travel; to escape the eight hours a day working life and go see the world.  I really loved the idea of taking two to three months and renting an apartment in another city.  I would be able to live like a local, while visiting different sites and cities.  It would be such a hard decision to choose where I would want to stay though.  The ideal situation would be to take a year off, live for three months at a time in a few different cities, while doing weekly travels in between.

At the moment, my top travel destinations are Thailand and Vietnam.  Since I’m living in Asia, these countries are the closest to me and after taking classes on Southeast Asia in college, it heightened my interest in visiting those countries.



Just posting these pictures are making me excited about traveling.  I hope that this will happen within a few years of being here, because that would be so fun.  I really can’t wait to explore and see what’s out there in the world.

What are some of your top travel destinations?

I’m linking up with Belinda and Bonnie for Travel Tuesday and Jenni for Blogtember for this post.  I loved the topic for today and decided to share with you some of my dream travels. 



  1. Kristen Seuberling

    My husband would love to teach English in Japan, you are living one of his lifelong dreams! I can absolutely see why traveling Japan and the rest of Asia would be something you would really want to do.

    • Mallory

      I hope that he gets the chance to do it one day because it’s seriously an experience like no other. I’m beyond happy that I decided to do this because I wake up feeling like this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I can’t wait to be able to explore Japan and the rest of Asia.

  2. Robert Hill

    Wouldn’t we all love to take a year out to go travelling?! lol. A friend of mine has just returned from 6 weeks travelling (three in Thailand and three in Vietnam) and she says both countries are incredible. I was so jealous and would love to visit them myself too. Great blog, by the way – I’m following on Bloglovin :)

    • Mallory

      That makes me so excited to hear! Just looking at pictures makes me want to jump out of my seat and go, but unfortunately adult things get in the way and I need the time and money. I’m really hoping for some day soon!

      Thank you so much! That makes me so happy to hear :)

  3. Amber

    I would love to see so many places! One thing I’ve written in my journal a few times is that I want to see the sunset in as many places as possible. I’d love to visit Greece, Japan, Thailand, India, South Africa, so many places. I hope one day I have the time and resources to do it!

    • Mallory

      Oh my gosh, that’s such a great goal! A goal that will surely be beautiful no matter where you go. That’s such a great idea! I know, my list of places that I want to visit is so long that it makes me wonder if I will ever be able to make a dent in it.

  4. Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

    i love this! and i love your photo of the fushimi inari shrine! that was by far my favorite spot that we visited in kyoto! and i agree, our dream is to also rent a small apartment and travel the world that way. a month in each spot to really soak everything in. ahhh someday : )

    • Mallory

      Thank you! :) The picture isn’t mine though, I wish I took it! I haven’t visited that shrine yet, but I’m going to Kyoto soon, so I’m hoping that I get the chance to make a stop there! I really hope that you and your husband get to rent an apartment somewhere in the world someday because that would be such an amazing experience.

  5. Z K

    I agree – I’m in the same situation with what i want to do post-grad. I’ve thrown around the idea of moving/traveling, at least for next summer, and everyone seems to full-scale freak out about it – including me! I’m hoping something comes to me soon, otherwise I might stay in Boston forever.

    • Mallory

      I feel like traveling is one of those things that people are okay with you doing for a couple weeks, but anything longer than that, it’s like, “What are you doing?!” I think you should give it a try and see what happens. It’ll definitely be a great experience, being able to see different areas and the culture there. Boston isn’t a bad city to be in though! I’ve always wanted to visit there.

  6. Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    those all look like amazing places! wouldn’t it be so great to just travel all the time? :) i think france would be first on my list, but i also really want to visit sweden/norway, ireland, switzerland, greece….there’s just so much to see!

    • Mallory

      France is a beautiful country! I’d love to be able to go back. You should definitely try to make it out to all those countries if you ever had the chance! They’re all on my list of places to travel.

  7. Erika

    Loved this post and I want to do that someday soon, too: take two or three months and just live somewhere else. I’m not sure when I would be able to do it, but I’ve been leaning towards doing a 3 month stint or something in Paris at some point. Baguettes everyday, beautiful gardens, and hearing French — sign me up! :)

    • Mallory

      I thought the same exact thing when I went to Paris! It’s seriously one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to and like you said, baguettes everyday, beautiful gardens, French, just everything. I wouldn’t mind living in a town too. I love the countryside and one of my favorite things (or things I dream about) is going to neighborhood markets. Maybe in between Japan and whatever comes after this, I can do my 3 months (now I sound like I’m going to jail…).

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