Chelsea Wolfe – The Waves Have Come

Today’s Tune in Tuesday, I came across an artist I haven’t heard of before. I listened to it, and as many people are, it takes quite a bit of a listen to really get into the song. So today I listened to Chelsea Wolfe’s “The Waves Have come.” What caught my attention in this song was she sang a line that said “we are the flawed, we are the answer.” To me that resonated so much, because as many people have so many different interpretation to this song, I interpreted as we are human and we are the only one who can pave our destiny, pave our legacy. Another interpretation I got from it was how bare we are, how apparent a human can be. It touches upon many social conversations like materialism, what love actually is, and maybe death. I really like the song, it is one of the songs where I can close my eyes and expected to be carried away. Enjoy.


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