Join the Postcard Brigade!

Postcard Brigade

Join me, Sharon and Bryce (from Getaway Brigade) and Jules and Christine (from Don’t Forget to Move) as we kick off the start of the Postcard Brigade!  Feel free to contact any of us if you have a question!

You know when you go to those touristy areas and you see the postcards at the shops?  Well I’m the person that stands there for a good 10 minutes, looking at all the postcards trying to decide which ones to buy.  I’ve been collecting postcards since 1999 (I was under the age of 10).  I decided that I wanted something to remember each place I traveled to and I was drawn to postcards.  Not only could I buy them myself, my friends could also help me on my quest of getting postcards from all over the world!

Postcards (and snail mail in general) are becoming a lost art, and we would love to keep that art alive.  Not to mention, postcards are super awesome.  You get to see all the cool places you and your friends have been to!  And who doesn’t love getting snail mail?

The Postcard Brigade is designed to bring together travel lovers from all over the world, creating new friendships while exchanging postcards.  We hope that you will join us in this project and connect with travelers from all over the world!  Get a snippet of where your new buddy is living or traveling.

So whether you’re traveling or you just returned home, join the fun! Here’s how it works:

By November 1st at 22:00 PST: 

  1. Sign up! You’ll be paired with a travel-loving buddy.
  2. Share a tweet with the hashtag #postcardbrigade! You’ll help spread the word and encourage others to join.

Still with us? Great! We’ll announce pairings on November 4th via email, so keep an eye on your inbox. Once you receive your travel buddy’s name and email, connect! You’ll have the first half of November to get to know each other virtually and to send a postcard (or two). Just be sure to drop your postcard in the mail and introduce your new travel buddy via Twitter or your blog by November 15th.

A few more things:

  1. Please contact your travel buddy within 72 hours (nobody likes to be stood up). If you’re travel buddy doesn’t respond with 72 hours, drop us an email.
  2. Please add a story to your postcard. It can be a short tale about an adventure you had or hope to have.
  3. Once you’ve connected with your travel buddy and sent/received your postcard, write a blog post! This is optional but highly encouraged. It’s a great way to introduce a new friend and say thanks.

P.S. You can get one of those cool Nagoya Castle postcards from me (and a new friendship) if you join!

Postcard Brigade



    • Mallory

      Great! I love seeing people from all over the world signing up. It’ll make it so much for fun being able to exchange postcards from places others haven’t been to!

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