Top of the World [Part 2]


I named this post, “Top of the World [Part 2]” because I already have a post called “Top of the World.”  I’m still on a mountain (a very different mountain), but I now have different thoughts and perspectives running through my head.  The last time, I was thinking about my relationship with Mark, how I was scared to embark on my journey to Japan by myself, entering a long distance relationship.

Sometimes I’m still afraid of the challenges a long distance relationship brings, but I’m facing those fears and conquering a long distance relationship head on.  Mark and I know what we have to look forward to and we’re so excited to work towards those goals.  This past weekend, I was just taking in all my experiences in the past few months.  In about two weeks, I will be starting my fourth month living here (I seriously can’t believe it’s already been four months!).  There are days I wake up, confused about why I hear Japanese outside my window, then I realize… it’s still not a dream.  This is real life.  I’m living out dreams that I had all throughout college: to teach English abroad and to live in another country for a year.  This past month, I’ve been busy being apart of festivals, volunteering for events, teaching, and traveling.  I haven’t had the chance to stop and take it all in: what I’ve done and seen over the past three months.

This experience has already opened my eyes to so many different aspects of life ranging from the Japanese culture to myself as a person.  I would like to believe that I’ve grown more as a person, learning new things everyday.  I’m a positive and patient person, but sometimes, being thrown into a new environment can challenge those qualities and it’s definitely been a challenge.  There are days when I cry for hours because I feel very lonely or times when I just want to rip my hair out of my head because I can’t understand anything around me.  But, it’s during those times that I need to stop, take a deep breath, and remember that I’m living out my dream.  There are so many people out there that would love to have an opportunity like this and I can’t take any second for granted.  Lately, people have been complaining to me about how they’re regretting this decision or they hate being a parrot in class, or this and that… I try to steer the conversation in a more positive manner, but sometimes, people really like to complain.  I really hate listening to that negativity and I’m sorry, but get over your complaining.  Get over it or you’re going to have a miserable time.  Open your eyes to the opportunities presented in front of you.  I get frustrated every time these people text me, but one day, I will just burst into smileys and confetti, I love this opportunity so much and I’m having the greatest time of my life!  I love my students!  I love my coworkers!  I love Japan!  Take your complaining elsewhere.

I came here to teach students, to learn Japanese and about Japanese culture, to experience living in another country, to grow as a person, to travel throughout Japan.  This experience has been better than I thought.  And honestly, I’m kind of thankful for those complainers because it made me realize even more that this was the decision I was supposed to make.  I’m living my passions.  I’m living the things I love, the things I want to do.

Mountains make me think.

Anyway, these are the pictures from my trip to the top of Mount Gozaisho in my town.




This is curry ramen, possibly one of the best things ever.  My two favorite foods are curry and ramen, but put that together and get gloriousness in a bowl.





    • Mallory

      Thank you! We’ve learned so much being in a long distance relationship that we might not have learned if we were still living near each other. Or, it would have taken a lot longer to realize some of our faults.

  1. Amy @ the tide that left

    It’s great that you don’t let the negativity get to you. It can be so hard sometimes, but you’re absolutely right to see the good in this, because there is SOOOOO much of it. Being an expat can be hard for many reasons, but as you’ve said, you want to grow and learn from it. I think some people have missed the point, but it’s great that you haven’t.

    • Mallory

      I told myself that I didn’t want to feel sad and angry because of other people’s opinions. I should enjoy it because I want to enjoy it! I feel that a lot of these people who complain to me aren’t opening themselves up to the the experiences and opportunities there are in smaller communities. If you come with expectations, you’ll be disappointed.

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